Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Comparison of Whitehouse.gov

I compared http://www.whitehouse.gov/, from October 30, 2003 and October 29, 2013. In 2003 the site was simple white, blue some pictures. It seemed quite easy to use and navigate and not hard on the eyes but it was not smooth the page just cuts in half. In 2013 it is blue and white smooth corners and it fits the screen. Navigation seems pretty easy on the 2003 website but on the 2013 version unless you know where to look you will be there for a while trying to find it because someone like me knows little about the government and everything is put in tabs and clumped together and it makes no sense. On the 2003 version everything is on the side in easy to understand links. The 2003 maybe ugly but it is easy to navigate, the 2013 version may be pretty but terrible to navigate. I prefer the ugly and the easy navigate because it was simple and I could find what I needed too.

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