Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Why Indie games are the base layer of gaming

The world of indie games throughout the whole gaming market is a global market always being affected by all levels of gamers. With an average gamer having the ability to be able to sit down and create a game that he truly loves, and something really personal about himself that he or she is able to input into a game scenario I think it has a huge part of what gaming is today. Large game designers feed off of this passion from small game designers and learn from independent games on what people like or dislike about about certain games and their motives and controls. In the movie Indie Game the Movie, I believe this is displayed very nicely throughout the whole the movie with all the struggles from creating a game to the amount of stress that comes along with he creation of something so basic but major at the same time. It really gives an in-depth look into the world of creating games, and I believe that this was a very good movie that really gave great info on the topic of indie games.    

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  1. Indie games aren't that great in my opinion. They usually don't have a purpose. And they are not that long they are very short games.