Tuesday, October 22, 2013


This movie brought up many different emotions while I watched it. Being able to see how the designers make a game and what they have to go through, mentally and emotionally, was interesting.
I thought the movie connect the viewers with the creators of the movie, which was an important task. The pair of developers I think was the most interesting. They were working on this game for reasons very specific to themselves, but at the same time, they were working on this game for their families. First, they have put in the game how they felt, and the feelings of when they were growing up. This was special because the game was a double of a story through these peoples feelings, along with a complete and solid game. I thought it interesting that they had to crunch and finish the game early, yet they still didn't get the game released on its scheduled date. After all that work, disappointment like that can not be taken simply. The way each of them handled the stress reflected about who they were AND I enjoyed watching that.

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