Friday, September 18, 2015

Space Invaders

Space Invaders is a game that I really enjoy playing  and its one of my dads favorite games when he was a child. When I get older and when I have kids I'm going to introduce this game to my kids, then I'm going to show them the difference between the games during their generation and classical games that I use to play when I was a kid.

Space Invaders

Space Invaders is a game that I personally enjoy a lot. It's extremely addictive and simple. You keep trying to beat your high score. I highly recommend it.

space invaders

space invaders was a great game. love going back and playing games way before my time.

Space Invaders.

Try to beat my score...... If you dare! in Space Invaders link:

Space Invader

Write a Blog Post that is a brief review of the 1978 classic arcade game Space Invaders Think about the sound, mechanics and the graphics. It should be at least 100 words long and include pictures.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros. is the first Mario game to be created on the NES system. It is a fun game to play, but can be very hard since every time you die, you have to start over from the beginning. It is also fun since each level is different. The simple controls help to give the game the charm it had when it was first released, and that is what also helps to make the game work, and that helps to keep people playing it for 25 years since it was released. The color of the ground vs the background helped to make it clear where Mario and the enemies were. Overall it is a very fun game, and is even better on the original NES.
1. the game in one sentence very mario like

2.The game was fun because its still a challenging game plus when you run out of lives you have to start over.

3.the game was not boring (see answer 2)

4. yes the game worked well because it was smooth

5. the music was good and works well with the game was good 

Super Mario Bros in retrospect.

The original Super Mario Bros, although it lacks the advanced graphics, mechanics, and abilities present in modern games, it is still fun. It possesses a rogue-like game style which makes the player want to redeem themselves after prior defeats and try the same levels over and over again, despite frustration elicited by those levels. The game accompanies this level repetition with a celebration at the end of each level which makes the player feel victorious. Combined with the transition between levels which prompts players to play the game in blocks of time.

Mario Brothers

Mario Brothers is a fun, simple, and addicting platforming game. It is a very classic game that millions of people have enjoyed since it first came out. There are countless Mario games that have been made and the character Mario has become recognizable all over the world.

The game play of Mario Brothers is extremely simple, however this simplicity makes it very popular with all types of people. No matter what age or skill level, everyone can play and enjoy Mario Brothers. The controls are also very simple. There are only two buttons making it extremely simple and easy to pick up and play.
The difficulty is so eh. I am very rusty at Super Mario Bros. How in the blue blazes am I supposed to improve my skill? It was fun but, boy was it HARD! :\

First game analysis...

Write a quick 100 word essay for Mario bros.


Super Mario Bros. (Japaneseスーパーマリオブラザーズ HepburnSūpā Mario Burazāzu?) is a 1985 platform video game internally developed by Nintendo R&D4 and published by Nintendo as a pseudo-sequel to the 1983 game Mario Bros. It was originally released in Japan for the Family Computer on September 13, 1985, and later that year for the Nintendo Entertainment System in North AmericaEurope on May 15, 1987 andAustralia in 1987. It is the first of the Super Mario series of games. In Super Mario Bros., the player controls Mario and in a two-player game, a second player controls Mario's brother Luigi as he travels through the Mushroom Kingdom in order to rescue Princess Toadstool from the antagonist Bowser.

Sample Questions for Short Game Analysis 

1. In one sentence, describe the game.

2. was the Game fun or easy why?

3. was the game Fun or Boring why?

4. Did the game work why or why not not?

5. Was the game interesting to look at and listen too why?

6. Give your personal reaction and comments. 
I am currently working on a JRPG series called Sages of the Swords. It is based on Final Fantasy.