Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Walking Dead

  On Friday we started to play the walking dead made by telltale. Me personally that game doesn't interest me because it is not very interesting to me and I don't watch the show either because it doesn't appeal to me. The games graphics to me should be better and more better because the world that we live in the visual can be much better. Plus it looks like the same engine as in borderlands series. The choices in the game are good because it alters the game. Do I think The Walking Dead as a game no I do not it more of a interactive movie. Their are parts in the game that you move Lee but all you do is make decision and change the story on what you do. Now that part is cool, the part in episode 2 where you can either chop the leg off or you change leave the guy in the bear trap to die is pretty cool. I think if the game creators went out of their element and add a much better motion capture system then the game will be much better. This interactive movie is a story based game. I think if they had some really cool 3rd person action game play fighting a lot of zombie would be good. Think The Walking Dead and put it to The Last of Us thats a discussion we should have. Both game as heavy story and The Last of Us is a very good game and has a lot of good action game play and you don't get bored. To me The Walking Dead should not be consider as a game but as a interative movie. The Last of Us was much better.      

The Walking Dead

This Friday we played Telltale's The Walking Dead. The game is part of the multi-media spanning franchise spawned from the original comic book series. It's crediting with reviving the long lost adventure game genre, popular during the 90's.

The walking dead is largely more of an interactive story then a traditional game. It tasks the player with making choices in regard to events in the story, often adding additional layers of tension with choosing who gets to live or die, or adding time limits to your choice.

Often a discussion brought up with visual novels, what do you think about The Walking Dead as a game? Does it even qualify as a game? Or is it a different kind of media altogether? What features decide if the Walking Dead is a game or something else from your perspective?
Please write a minimum of 150 words.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Flow Chart


Copy and paste the Url into the web browser then you will arrive at our chart: Josh Elton and Andrew

Titan Fall Online Review

With playing in a cooperative server where, players in our room could discuss tactics and strategies that could not have been achieved if we were not playing as a whole. Playing online together, allowed us as players to be able to create strategies and plans on bringing down the smaller, more challenging titans. We were able to work together as a team, and in a task as big as the one presented to use, that made all the difference. I tended to pal around with a small group that I was close that where we could easily communicate and create plans for taking down titans. In the beginning, I tried to go off and do it by myself, but found it to be extremely difficult to really maneuver around the smaller titans that were faster. This game as a whole, playing on local sever, encouraged team work and communication and playing with your friends.    

Monday, November 18, 2013

Video Games or Homework

Attack Of the Titans

Attack of the titans was a fun game that i liked. I seemed to wounder off on my own and find titans then flare to signal a titan to get back up. Other people would do the same. It was hard to take one titan down on your own. So backup from other people is good. So it's good to play with other people if you want to have fun and kill of the titans.

Attack on Titan

   This game that we played on friday was a good game to me. At first the controls to the game were hard to understand and it took me some time to understand the controls but once I got it down I had a much more fun time. The different environments that we played where interesting and I didn't like the forrest map because they was nothing to swing off from. But in the city map it was more interesting and had a spiderman feel to the game when you press the space bar. I thought that the multiplayer was better then the signal player because you can help people take down the titan and when you took down a titan you have  sense of happiness when you took down a titan because you have to hit them in the back of the neck to kill them. Eren in the game I thought was the best character in the game because you can play as titan eren which is pretty cool because he just eliminates all of the titans. To me this game I enjoyed once I got the controls down I was able to have a much greater time.    

Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan was one of the stupidest games I have ever played. It didn't really have an point to it and the controls were touchy and hard to work with. You could only kill the titans if you climbed up their backs and cut their necks from behind, which in itself is a bit unrealistic, but was not that complicated. I found that all I had to was climb up a wall and wait on a roof, until one of them got close enough to jump on and kill.

Playing Co-op with the class did nothing for me. I spent the first 20 minutes climbing up buildings trying to figure out what I was doing, and then killed at least one of the titans on my own. I found it difficult to focus on the main point of the game (if there even was one) because I spent the first game figuring out the controls, and by then it was so simple that I quickly became bored. I understand that the reasoning behind playing this game, was to examine a game that had a bigger multiplayer option through a LAN network, and a game that as a class we could all play together, but I personally did not learn anything from this experience.

Nick Haidari Cam Perron Matt Babit Nic Beaulio

mind mapping software

Attack of the Titans.

I think that the game would be super boring without cooperative play. There are 32 titans and it would take too long and get old very fast. Adding cooperative to any game is fun because you get to play with your friends. Playing with your friends makes any boring game a little less boring. Playing with a massive group is fun because everybody charges and takes down the titans almost instantly. Its fun and cool to do and be a part of.

Attack on Titan: The LAN Connection -Jacob Shaker

Attack on Titan: The LAN Connection -Jacob Shaker

I found that playing with many other people over LAN helped me play better, I felt much more competitive playing with other students, trying to die the least and kill the most titans.  I also found that most of the people who were proactive and helpful in the classroom were the most productive and helpful ingame.  The Attack on Titan day we had allowed us to have a good group experience and to work together.

One of the most interesting things that happened was when we took the forest challenge.  The forest challenge is a system where you must survive twenty waves of titans with no respawns.  There were about eight of us actively attempting to take down titans, while many others simply durdled in the tree line, staying safe but not benefiting the group, nor accruing points.

17 Absurd "Attack On Titan" GIFs For Every Occasion


During this game I was not involved with helping others out in killing the big enemy's. The game discouraged me in cooperating because the enemy's were very easy to kill so you didn't need any help at all. This makes me feel as if the game should be a single player game not a multiplayer game.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Call of Duty Flow

A game that fits the flow chart in this case is a series is Call of Duty. These game require you to have constant alertness of all of your surroundings and sometimes you become curious and lose that focus. And of course this is not even close to every day life because you get to shoot a gun. How many time do you get to shoot a gun and respawn just to shoot it again? These games obviously have a clear objective as it is clearly spelled out for you when you spawn in. The controls and how the game plays make these games playable for hours on end never getting to  boring. The games in this series enable you to take your frustrations out on imaginary people through the form of shooting them, just do not take the game into real life. Thats how Call of Duty produces the flow that is so much desired by many companies and is one of the reasons it sells year after year, even if its crap. 

Them Titans

Playing as a cooperative group did two things to the gameplay experience. First it made it so the new players could learn from the more experienced players and second it brought out some peoples competitive side.
During the game I often found myself lost and didn't know where to go so I normally stayed by myself trying to find allies to help take down these overpowered monsters. But I mostly stayed by myself trying to find straggler enemies as a tutorial as how to properly take down a enemy. The game definitely encourages cooperative tactics so long as you can find teammates and enemies if not it can make for one boring game.


This Friday we played Attack on Titan tribute, a Chinese indie game based off of the Attack on Titan anime.

We played on a local area network, which let us all play as a large, cooperative group. How did playing as a cooperative army of sorts affect your gameplay experience? Did you try to stick with certain players? Did you go off on your own, and find groups to help take down titans with? Or did you go it entirely alone? How did the game encourage or discourage specific cooperative tactics?

shingeki no kyojin attack on titan gif

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Dichotomous Key Flowchart

We are making dichotomous key flowcharts. In groups, pick a general question, and conceptualize a series of questions (Comedic or otherwise) that could guide readers to a variety of conclusions. Remember to start with a broad idea so that your choices can get more specific as you make options for the player/reader.

Use Gliffy or Lucidchart to make your final version.



Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Attack on Titan Game Instructions

Attack on Titan Game instructions:

1. Go to http://fenglee.com/game/aog/.
2. Click on the center area where there is a image, to install and download the UNITY game program.
3. Exit out of the site, go to a different site, then reopen http://fenglee.com/game/aog/.
4. Go to multiplayer - private server - click on the option that is NOT PORT
5. Wait for further instruction
6. Once inside chat room for game, set character and name (set name to your name and last initial like this : Jacob S. )
7. Wait for game to start.

How to play:
Goal - Kill all of the "Titans"
How - Hit the titans in the back of the neck

WASD - Moves
Q + E - releases a rope to your curser location
Space - Sends dual ropes to either side of you
LClick - Sword Swing
Rclick - Special (if you have one)
R - New sword (swords break after extended use)
Shift - Gas to launch off the ground
Control - Dodge

17 Absurd "Attack On Titan" GIFs For Every Occasion

TF2 Flow

  • Completely involved, focused, concentrating -  7/10 - In TF2 it really depends on the server. If your on a fun server, your focused on winning and having fun, but if your on a bad server, you might rage and focused on getting out of spawn so you are focused in different ways.

  • Sense of ecstasy - 5/10 -When you get the weapon you want you may become happy or you may feel good after getting a 10+ kill streak or killing your nemesis. 

  • Great inner clarity - 7/10 -TF2 tells you in game on what to do and were to go and how its gong but one thing it don't is when you join, it takes like 1 - 2 minuets to figure out if your attacking or defending. 

  • Knowing the activity is doable - 7/10 -TF2 requires a good skill of defeating a hacker or over powered team.

  • Sense of serenity - 6/10 - In TF2, you dont seem to worry a lot. You just play the objective and have fun 

  • Timeliness - 5/10 - Again, depends on the serer your on. Hacked server with hackers, you seem to be board and mad and it feels slow but a good server, it flows well.

  • Intrinsic motivation - 7/10 - Having flow in TF2 can give you hats, weapons, and other. Games can feel fun and fast.

    The chart

         While playing Batman Arkham Origins I'm so invalid in the game that I feel like I'm the dark knight. The universe to the time period is in a different time and that it is a world that could never existed and world is so dents that it is amazing. When you go on a mission you know what your task is to do clearly without thinking to hard on what to do.  The fighting in the game is what makes the game it never gets boring knocking down enemies and super villains.  You can play hours at a time just exploring or playing through the main story. The game progress good not to fast or not to slow and you get the right gadgets for different situation.

    Garrys Mod Bhop Flow chart

    Garry's Mod Bhop
    1. Completely involved, focused, concentrating - In B-Hop you need to be focused so you don't double step and miss blocks or gain too much velocity and miss completely.
    2. Sense of ecstasy - After completing almost an impossible bhop jump for my first time. To do this your player needs atleast 1100 velocity, the fact that I did it made me happy.
    3. Great inner clarity - In most maps in bhop maps you can tell progression and you really have only one objective, to get to the end.
    4. Knowing the activity is doable - All maps can be completed on bhop some are just a little harder than others.
    5. Sense of serenity - When completing almost impossible jumps you get the sense of serenity.
    6. Timeliness - When you are deep into a map you are focused on the game more than the time.
    7. Intrinsic motivation - The game needs skill and is challenging.

    Pick a game any game...Flow Chart

    How does your game rank on the  Csiksgentmihalyi Flow Chart? Relate it to each one of these categories. Please post a photo of your  hand drawn chart.

    1. Completely involved, focused, concentrating - with this either due to innate curiosity or as the result of training
    2. Sense of ecstasy - of being outside everyday reality
    3. Great inner clarity - knowing what needs to be done and how well it is going
    4. Knowing the activity is doable - that the skills are adequate, and neither anxious or bored
    5. Sense of serenity - no worries about self, feeling of growing beyond the boundaries of ego - afterwards feeling of transcending ego in ways not thought possible
    6. Timeliness - thoroughly focused on present, don't notice time passing
    7. Intrinsic motivation - whatever produces "flow" becomes its own reward

    Dark Meadow

        In the I-pad game Dark Meadow I think that it is a horror game and the concept of the whole game is really good. While playing the game I notice that the game looked really good and when you looked up at the sun you would get that effect with the lens. To make the game more scary I think that the demons could of been more scary and the building had that type of bioshock going toward it. I think that the game did well was the lighting in the game it looked like a game that belongs on a console. I really like the shooting mechanic when you shoot the crossbow it feels like you are in control or you are in the game. Another thing is that the characters are what needs to add to the horror experience. This game to me is a very pretty game on the IPad and I enjoyed it for the class but I don't see myself playing this game in the future.

    Tuesday, November 12, 2013

    Dark Meadow - Brett Griffin

    Dark Meadow was not a horror game, it was weird but not scary. The creepiest part about the game was the ghost girl that came out of nowhere. The only thing it did to make a frightening atmosphere was the old destroyed hospital filled with monsters and a ghost. It did not do well in its combat system or story, when you first begin the guy tells you to grab any weapons you find cause you will need them, but you never find anything your guy just happens to carry a sword and crossbow in his pockets.
    It could have made jump scares happen from time to time. The game could have been scarier with better scary music. If it had an actual story and made sense. If it had a  improved combat system. I would dodge but it wouldn't count until the animation was complete so I would still get hit. The setting could have been better too.

    Dark Meadow

    Dark Meadow, is in my opinion, the best phone game that I have ever played. Like most games, this one gets progressively harder as you go, but this one is beyond comparison. With the first two levels being open world, you can roam pretty much where ever you want within the first two floors of the hospital. Keeping in mind, that as you level up, and as you get kill streaks, the enemies get tougher and tougher. By the time you get to the third level, you are set on a one, track path. You can't explore, you can't roam, you can only go in the direction that the game sets you, and this track, is near impossible. The enemies get tougher and tougher as you come to them at each level. Not only that, but because you are only killing enemies, you're building up a kill streak, which makes the hard enemies, even harder. 

    Dark Meadow does advertise itself as a horror game, and I think that they do in fact show this very well. Especially the very beginning of the game, where you're stuck in a room, and the only contact you have is an old man in a wheelchair. You walk outside, and its darkly lit with a ghostly figure, barley visible in the dark. The game gets a bit lighter as you go, but the enemies get tougher, and there is nothing scarier then fighting one of those things with low health and no med kits. What's even more interesting about this game, is that you can not die. If a monster beats you, you simply black out, and wake up back in your bed, and then you can go out, and run everything again. 

    This game has one of the best story lines that I have heard of for not only an iPhone game, but in general. You wake up in a strange room knowing nothing, and slowly find out why you're there and that everything around you, and everything you know, is not what it appears to be. This game twists your reality, and places you in the characters shoes. You feel what he feels, and there are parts where you really end up hating everything, and you want nothing more to find the person or thing that is causing you this pain and this torment, and run him through with your sword. 

    An interesting piece to this game, is that the two weapons you are given, are a sword and a crossbow. This game is set in a fairly recent time period, and there are many clues to give this away. The most obvious one being that the old man thanks you for "inventing the internet." So in a current time period, with internet and fire extinguishers, why would they give you a sword and a crossbow? Why not an AK-47 or a Shotgun? Having these two older weapons really give the game a unique feel. If you had been given a gun instead of a sword it would be like every other game, and it would be much easier to play. Because of this, the sword and crossbow make this game far more interesting and unique, and make the game more challenging. 

    Dark Meadow

    Personally, I did not see this game as a horror game. I feel like it had the potential to be a horror game, but failed to add the scary aspect. This is not an easy task though. With this level of game play and interaction, it is difficult to create a scary story line while entertaining the entire game play to its full potential. I did think that this game was spooky. A feeling of unknowns and never knowing when you are going to battle did add an aspect of unease to the game. The environment also added a scary environment. The eeriness of the whole game simply made you worry about what could happen next. They did a good job with the story line, forcing you to wonder what happened that ended up with you in this complex.

    I have a feeling that this game started with a different idea, but due to the game play, the story line had to change. Unfortunately, I feel that horror games have specific horrific moments, and this game was slow and easily readable.  

    Dark Meadow

    In my perspective i did not see the game to be horror. But maybe to others people would think the game would be scary because of your surroundings and the creatures. In the game there was some spooky creatures that would try and kill you. Also i found the guy in the wheel chair was quite creepy. But i think if they added more eerie sounds to the play it would have been more creepy as the player goes around a corner not knowing what you will see.

    Dark Meadow

    Dark Meadow did not feel like a horror game because there were no jump scares from what I could see.
    They did well with the darkness setting and the broken windows, also the different doors like the good and bad doors. I was usually kind of nervous to go into the bad rooms but there was nothing bad about them. It didn't do well with the battle aspect its kind of weird because you get a sword and shield out of nowhere. What it could have done to be better is leave out the old guy in the wheelchair a true horror game has only has you and whatever you can find. All in all its not a bad game but its not the greatest.

    Dark Meadow

    This game for me, did not seem like a horror game at all because it just seemed too laid back, it reminded me of infinity blade on steroids. The game doesn't have a horror feel, yes you are in a abandoned hospital and fighting, but its not scary for me, doesn't have that key peace of being afraid of going around that next corner. It was a good fighting game because of the fighting machines it seemed to use, the block and dodging makes the game fun and enjoying and even to quiet a large extent, challenging. The one thing I did not really like is it seemed to be very boring, for me, it was just the same type of atmosphere every fight and some of the same moves you would repeat every monster, the story though I do enjoy. I think making things pop out, or having the atmosphere much less visible and such I think would make it a much scarier.

    Dark meadow

    Dark Meadow for me did not make me feel afraid of the actions throughout the game because the way it makes you turn around to get in a fight could of been more horrific. They could of made the attacks more horrific by making the zombie grab you back and jump at you with a more messed up face. But they also made the game more empty that you could get into a fight at any moment without any notice and it was very quiet and slow and empty. The did not make the enemy's go with the creepy features of the setting in the game.

    Dark Meadows

    When I played this game, it felt to me like a game for killing weird monsters and creatures. It didn't feel like a horror game. It was like playing a game in which the atmosphere is like and not dark and scary and. The although the creatures did spawn out of n ware, I pretty much expected them. In my mind, Zombies in Black Ops 1 was more scarier then this.                                                                                       The games graphics were were good and that's whats I thought. Its AI was not that good and the user interface sucked as well. Fighting was bad because when you swing the sword, you have to wait 2-5 seconds to dodge the creature. And if you just finished fighting a easy monster, you could walk around another corner and you would die. They could of darkened the the area you play in, add scarier things to the walls like blood and dying people and other things.

    Dark Meadow-Nic Beaulieu

    To me, Dark meadow wasn't a horror game at all. Although it appears promising at first, with a creepy atmosphere, a strange ghost woman, and a mysterious wheelchair guy, who says that you're trapped in the building, Dark meadow was a big let down. The 'click to move' mechanics take away from the horror game feel right away, and the monsters aren't very scary because they jump up from the ground quite a distance from the player, giving them time to pull out a random crossbow and sword. It might be scarier if it wasn't as easily predictable, and could try to incorporate more 'jump scare' type scenes. The scenery itself was fairly good, its a dark, old, cabin type building. Overall, the developers of Dark Meadow had a good shot in horror genre but failed in doing so with the mechanics of the game.

    Dark Meadows

          When I played dark meadows I didn't even know that it was supposed to be a horror game. I can see how they tried to make it a horror game by adding monsters that popup when walking down a hall, it just wasn't that scary. They made the halls dark and spooky which probably would have made it scary for some kids however it still isn't enough for me to even classify this as a horror game. Maybe the game was meant to spook little kids.

    This game could improve on a lot of things. to make a horror game you need to have spooky music leading up to a big scary event. Adding scarier music leading up to these is big because it adds dramatic effect. When people hear scary music they pretty much know that something is coming and everywhere they go they get scared, because they know. When the ghosts came out in the game they became more annoying than scary because of the amount of health they have, there is certainly balancing that needs to be fixed or patched.

    Dark Meadows

    The game we played was Dark Meadows. I don't like it because it is very difficult and I don't feel like I will ever beat the game. The controls are awful, the game play isn't good either. It doesn't feel real enough. It did not feel like a horror game. If it had more jump scares than it would be a better horror game.

    I kept dying, if they made the game a little easier it would have been easier. If there were better controls and better game play and easier I would have played it longer. That would make the game better.

    The Dark Meadow -Jacob Shaker

    The Dark Meadow -Jacob Shaker

    The Dark Meadow is a Horror game, it draws upon our most base fears.  The fears that we felt most acutely during childhood, the dark, the unknown, the strange.  These themes contribute to Dark meadows dark "nightmarish" feel.  Dark Meadow taps into our primal instinct, we know nothing of the creatures we fight within the game, only that two of us fights, one of us lives.


    Monday, November 11, 2013

    Dark Meadow

    In the game Dark Meadow you are supposed to be spooked if not frightened. I did not feel either one of these to say the because everything up to the point I played to I could very easily predict what was going to happen. The things that the publishers did do well to make it seems frightening is that some of the rooms were darker making some of the predictability factor wear off and that life packs were scarce so you were scared to fight one more monster. Things that could have made it more spooky were to make more horrifying monsters and make the game a little more dark.  

    Friday, November 8, 2013

    Dark Meadow


    Dark Meadow advertises itself as a horror game, it sends you into an abandoned building and tasks you to fight your way through hordes of monsters in a fashion resembling a rail shooter. For you, did Dark Meadow feel like a horror game? What did it do well in regards to creating a frightening atmosphere? What did it not do well? What could it have done to become a more horrifying game?

    Wednesday, November 6, 2013

    Coca cola website. Way back machine.

    Although way back machine is down and I can't see what the website looked like back then I could assume it wasnt as interactive and the graphical design wasn't as pretty. As of today the us.coca-cola.com website has youtube widgets and rss feeds to share promotion and the new winter coke cans. An rss feed is a page module you can add the updates news stories or twitter feeds etc. They have a live slideshow gallery and news headlines. The website also  has other coke websites such as mycokerewards in the bottom which redirects you to that website when clicked on.

    indie game: the movie

    I thought the movie itself was quite boring. Some parts of the movie where funny when we saw the reaction of the players when they were playing super meat boy.If i had to hang out with any of those people in the movie Indie game: the movie it wouldn't be anybody because they are not my type of social group. If i was going to make this movie better I would have more creativity in the plot.

    INDIE GAME the movie

    Although it is cool to see development behind indie games and see there progress, this movie made it seem like video game design can make you depressed and poor. Although that may happen because of the game being unsuccessful this movie would not inspire me to become a gaming dev. The movie showed all the negative outcomes and if the movie was indeed to inspire people this is not the way to go. Even though they showed the devs that were kind of depressed the movie showed the lengthy process of making an indie game. They showed the positive and negative community support and how to deal with the haters. I think this movie showed some good and bad stuff that happens in the gaming world.

    Old and New Rhapsody - The Way Back Machine

    New And Old Rhapsody

    Old rhapsody first was owned by a different company. It only had a 6 links to other related page. Rhapsody was first owned by Rhapsody Consulting. There was only 1 language, no search bar, the graphics were old school, and you couldnt have an account.
    The new Rhapsody, You can have all those things, the graphics are better, theres a search bar, and you can create accounts. So over the course of about 16 years, Rhapsody has developed from a small old website, to a new, current gen website.

    Monday, November 4, 2013


    People enjoy games on the go. Thats why developers of the app store both on android devices and apple devices. To get more people playing they have to appeal to a wide variety of people. So they make these games easy and dumb down controls. Mobile gaming has been the platform for bringing gaming to a national audience because people of all ages can pick up the game and play.

    iPhone Games

    The iPhone games draw in such a broad audience because most of the good games are only made on the iPhone and they also have phenomenal graphics with great mechanics. The games have brought in a national audience because the phone is sold world wide and is the most popular phone out there. The games are national sold because their cheap and fun and have great mechanics. Thus is why I believe the games are sold worldwide.

    Friday, November 1, 2013

       I think that what brings people in to Iphone games is the picture on the app. It may look cool and when you click on it you see that it doesn't look that cool. Or some people might play the game and really like it because the game is easy and they are winning all of the rounds or races. People from all over the world like games because some people like family games and other people like arcade games.  The Iphone has brought gaming to the gaming outside the home.

    Plants Vs. Zombies

           The reason people are so attracted to iPhone games such as Plants vs. Zombies, is because they are easy and they appeal to a wide variety of audiences. Plant's vs. Zombies, Candy Crush, Angry Birds, all of these games can be played by anyone of any age, and they don't require much thought or skill. Compared to console games like Resident Evil, Skyrim, Call of Duty, etc, which are generally more violent, more graphic and only appeal to a certain demographic, these games can be enjoyed, again, by anyone. As well, not everyone has a console, and you can't exactly carry an Xbox and a TV with you wherever you go. However, almost EVERYONE has a smart phone. I've seen kindergartners with iPads and cell phones, as well as adults and teens. It's right in your pocket, and you can take it with you wherever you go. It makes it easier to download a free game, and play it while you're waiting for an appointment, sitting at home, in the car, any time you want. This makes handheld and portable gaming so much enticing, when anyone can do it, and when you can play then anywhere at any time. 

    Plants VS Zombies

    Plants VS Zombies is easy and quick that's why it attracts such a huge group all you have to do is tap the screen to win. It takes almost no skill to play. It is a way to entertain the brains of easily entertained people but I am not easily entertained so I get bored at the game quickly. It is just a quick fix during a work day or something. It only became so big because it was on Iphone and everybody and their brothers had one so it made sense. The Iphone and android devices brought gaming to anybody with one of these devices. But I never bought it because it is a overrated boring repetitive game.

    Iphone games/PvZ Nic Beaulieu

    Smartphone games like plants vs. zombies are so popular because they are made for broad audiences. They are not made to specifically appeal to children or teens or just adults, but everyone with the ability to use an iphone. Smartphones games are popular because they are, free, or really cheap, and portable. If you have some time during work, or school, you can just pull out your phone and start playing, which is why they are a big part of pop culture today.

    The IPhone Phenomenon- Jacob Shaker

    The IPhone Phenomenon- Jacob Shaker

    The rampant popularity of the Micro Games on platforms such as the IPhone has blown many people away.  Their mass appeal, low prices and ability to easily fill the empty moments of our days has created a social structure that shapes the way we spend our days through these $1 products. PvZ's simple interface and easily learnt strategy has made it one of the most popular games.

    Iphone Games

    I like iphone games and they are fun to play. Some of the fun games are Plants VS Zombies, Temple Run, the racing games, Mobile Gta, and alot more. But I don't have an iphone, or ipod. I have a Android phone and tablet but im still able to play those games. The games are fun and I will still keep on playing them.
    Iphone games like plants vs zombies brings in a variety of people that play it. The game is easy and gets harder as it goes but still simple enough for even children to play it. I think Iphone games are bringing more games out because the games can be simple and cheap to make unlike a console game. Games like plants vs zombies have clear objectives you have to do which can only make the game more enjoyable.

    The Iphone Revolution or How I learned to stop whining and write my freaking assignment.

    Though it feels like it's been around forever, the smart phone and it's cultural impact has only come to true fruition in the last two to three years. The impact of these devices on the video game industry has been astronomical, and highly unexpected. It rocketed the industry from a niche hobby to a casual pastime enjoyed by the majority of the nation.  What about casual iPhone games like Plants Versus Zombies draws in such a broad audience? Why has the iPhone been the platform for bringing gaming to a national audience?