Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mario Game

On Friday we played Super Mario bros in class and to me the game to me gave me a really good state of mine of flow. I highly dislike the game because of the way it goes, for instance if you die a certain amount of times you have to start over. I also dislike it because of the controls are spread out and not really good controls to use. Games that gives me that felling is Black ops 2 because it makes me feel good when i destroy kids but when I go up against people who are ranked better than me a get a little worried but I got that much harder and sometimes win. One activity that gives me this felling is a friendly game of football. if someone out plays me I always want to find another way to get passed the defender and then get points, so when someone is beating me I go more tryhard and try to win most of the time I dont but I have fun.

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