Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Nic Beaulieu Binary Project

Group Research Project

1 What was your project, explain it in detail.
Our project was to create a podcast explaining binary. We needed to talk about what its used for, how, and why its needed for everyday life and technology.

2. What was your specific role in the project (what did you do?)
My role was to create the podcast, set up the garage band, intro, outro, record, etc. Chris was the speaker and Jacob collected information. Davis was at testing nearly the whole project.

3. What grade do you deserve for this project?
I think i deserve a b+ or an A, because of my input with the information and setting up the base for recording the information.

4. Who was in your group? what grade do they deserve?
Chris, Jacob, and Davis were in my group. I think they all deserve the same grade as i do, because they all had important roles in putting the podcast together. Davis couldn't input much because he was gone, but i'm sure he would have had something to add to our project.

5. What was hard about your Project?  What was easy about your Project?
Our project was fairly easy. All we needed to do was gather information on Binary, get a quick draft typed up, prepare an intro and beat on garageband and record. I think the hardest part of our project was just getting a good recording done, there was always some noise in the background, or a stutter that made us have to restart the podcast, but we ended up finishing fairly quickly.

6.What did you learn from doing this project?
I learned how useful Binary is and how it is necessary for technology to work, its roots, and how complex, yet simple it is. I learned that binary makes much more sense than our counting system, but is hard to understand because we’re not taught it.

7.What was your final opinion regarding your topic?
I don't think this project really required us to form opinions, but i can say that i think binary is a really cool numerical system because its how computers “think”.

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