Friday, October 4, 2013

Nintendo Land- Luigi's Mansion

On Friday we play Luigi's Mansion part of Nintendo Land. This game puts anywhere from 1 player verse the ghost to 4 players against the ghost. Obviously the ghost has different abilities in order to survive which makes this game mode very interesting and competitive.

The players must use their flash lights to shine on the ghost in order to take it down. The ghost however is invisible and has the abilities to dash (but gives away its position) and the ability to take out their flashlights.
This makes the game very balanced and interesting to both watch and play

Another example the gives different players different experiences with the characters they is King of Zombies within ZombiU. The person on the tablet uses the touchscreen to place different types of zombies across the multiplayer map, with strategic locations designed to take down the human player on the controller. This gives each player a different experience in their multiplayer play.

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