Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Mortal Kombat

I played Mortal Kombat X for the first time. My impression was wow. i loved the graphics and the fatalities and brutalities. my favorite character to use was Liu Kang, he is a close quarters combat character. Liu Kang doesn't deal as much damage as the others but he is one of the faster attacking characters that if you land a combo it can deal an insane amount of damage anywhere between 31-80% of the opponent's health bar can be taken away.

Mortal Kombat X review

Mortal Kombat X dominates other fighting games (Street Fighter, Injustice, Tekken, etc.) With its cutting-edge graphics and out-of-this-world enviorment, Mortal Kombat X is one of the best fighting games of 2015. Mortal Kombat X has a lot of interesting features, like custom intro diologue, throwing stage items such as: skeletons, kettles and even civilians! I give the graphics a perfect 10/10, the enniorment a 9/10, the character design a 10/10, custom diolouge 10/10 and soundtrack a 8/10. I especially like playing as Erron Black, because he is overpowered.


Indie Game: The Movie highlights the difficulty of developing indie games, while also showing the potential rewards. I think they were more focused on the rewards, as none of the games shown were failures. The film may have been meant to encourage viewers to design their own games. However, it did not give very much information on how to succeed within the field.

Indie Games film

        I thought that Indie Games was a good documentary about how these four people in the film had worked really hard to make their games and was worried how people would react to their games. The 2 men who made the game Super Meat Boy were Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes who took years to make this game and was worried that people wouldn't like their game but they ended up liking it and it put such a relief on them after it was rated in the top 5 Xbox games. The maker of FEZ Phil Fish, when he went to PAX he was worried that his game was going to be bad. But some people were finding glitches and it made him feel worse and think that no one would buy his game, but people ended up still liking his game because of how the game was pixel looking and how the character was 2 dimension but the background and the land was 3 dimensional. The maker of Braid Jonathan Blow wasn't satisfied what some people said about his game but it ended up being a really good game.

Indie Game: The Movie

Indie Game was an excellent documentary about the developing process of multiple indie games, from the perspectives of the developers. It highlights the struggles and anxiety involved with the process, as well as the reward. The development of Fez and Super Meat Boy were the main focuses, as well as some details about Jonathan Blow's experiences after releasing his game Braid. I thought that the film did a great job of showing just how hard making a game is. The time constraints, combined with the financial problems and the sacrifices of a social life and time with loved ones. There are many other individual difficulties, but when the game is successful, the reward seems worth it.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Age of War: 2

Age of War 2 was a fun game. The objective is to protect your base, while creating troops to destroy your enemy's base and troops. As the game progressed it became more addicting. When you first open up the game it gives you a screenshot tutorial, showing you what all the different buttons do. This way of teaching how to play the game worked for me but may not work for others. It was very brief and did not let you play the game while it taught you. Essentially, it just threw you into the game expecting you to know what to do based off of one tutorial screenshot.

Free Play Friday

         The game that I played was Age of War. This game is strategy game and its not that difficult but it can get boring after a while because you have to keep upgrading your tower so it doesn't get destroyed quick but at the same time you have to send out troops to help get money to upgrade your tower and also to defend the tower. But I also thought that it was also cool how you could evolve to get better troops and also how your tower would change when you evolve. This game isn't that hard to play, you just have to know that there is certain amounts of money for certain characters and also for turrets. You can find that out from when you kill enemies you would get money and then for what ever character you want it shows the amount they are worth. If you don't have enough you would have to wait until you get enough. But this game is a little laggy so it would sometimes take longer to get certain troops or specials in the game.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Free Play (and Writing) Friday!

Good video and computer games represent some of the best- designed, most user-friendly technologies available. In this assignment you will analyze how the learning environment of a favorite video or computer game teaches its users to play while also challenging and motivating them.

Find a game or two of your choice on the interwebs.

Give a brief description of the game you played with a screen shot.

Report how the game you have chosen goes about teaching players how to play.

Think about and assess the strengths and/or weaknesses of the game as a learning environment.


Twine Game ( basketball practice)

Here is my twine game.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

image in your twine story

Copy this html code and  replace " the url with your image " with the url of your image.

<img src="the URL of your image" width="500" height="300" alt="Two foxes">

Monday, November 23, 2015

Star Wars BattleFront

        In my opinion this is going to be one of my new favorite Star Wars game now because it is kind of like call of duty but with Star Wars characters and background. How this game reminded me of call of duty is that you had an option to choose from co-op, multiplayer, survival. In Call of Duty there is the option to choose to do the campaign, multiplayer, and zombies I thought the graphics were really good.My favorite part of the game was that you could have a Jedi battle between Darth Vader and Luke Sky walker. I just really like this game because I have always been a Star Wars fan.

Star Wars Battlefront

The game Star Wars Battlefront seemed to be fluid and have flow. I only played for a short amount of time but it was pretty user friendly. The game runs on the same engine as Battlefield 4 which is the Frostbite 3 engine. Although both games run on the same engine Battlefront did not seem to be as destructible as Battlefield, meaning the map wasn't as dynamic. Battlefront has different game types and I was only able to play PvP. The bots in the game seemed to function alright they weren't too stupid but still worked well enough to shoot at you. All in all the game seemed to be fun even though they left stuff out.



Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefront was a fun game to play, especally since you can play with another person on the same console, which is something that not many games have anymore. Battlefront has tie ins to its predacessor from the ps2, where you can play as either a main character or as a normal troop. While the difference is that you choose before if you are a main character for the battle or not, wheich is different than the old game where you had to build up a meter to be able to be a hero for a bit of time. The maps for battlefront are very different in both look and design, although you have to pay for the season pass to play about half the maps there are, which is something DICE is known for. There are also vehicles that you can drive, which adds to the overall game. Then there are a few different game modes that are fun to play. Overall Battlefront is a fun game that is a good addition to the star wars games that bring much needed life and fun into this game franchise.

Star Wars Battlefront 3

I found the co-op gameplay in Star Wars Battlefront to be quite fun. I also love how there are co-op missions you can do with friends which has a slight story in it. In my opinion I think Dice did a great job with the game, I love how if you shoot something how sparks fly out and leave a scorch make where it hits. In co-op when you play against friends I love how its not just you and your friend, it has A.I. which follow you and you can give them commands.

Star Wars battlefront + couch co-op

Cooperative game-play, whether couch co-op or online, is always fun and beneficial, in my opinion. Ultimately, I prefer playing couch co-op since I've been playing couch co-op for years, and it's fun for friends to come over and play cooperative games, which isn't possible with games that are only online. In my opinion, couch co-op is also better since that way, only one person has to spend the money buying the console, game, and controllers, whereas with online cooperative both people need the console, Playstation Plus/Xbox live, the game, and headsets so that they can talk to one another. I also appreciate couch co-op more because there is more human interaction, the person is actually in the room with you, rather than you just hearing their voice. Playing Star Wars Battlefront was really fun, and I feel like without those elements provided by couch co-op, I would have enjoyed it much less than I did.
Star Wars: Battlefront is a cool game and all but... It should also be on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. I give Star Wars: Battlefront a 9 out of 10


Cooperative gameplay (often abbreviated as co-op) is a feature in video games that allows players to work together as teammates against one or more AI opponents. It is distinct from other multiplayer modes, such as competitive multiplayer modes like player versus player or deathmatch. Playing simultaneously allows players to assist one another in many ways: passing weapons or items, healing, providing covering fire in a firefight, and performing cooperative maneuvers such as boosting a teammate up and over obstacles.

Write about your experiences with Battle Front and how in general playing Couch co op compares to past experiences playing online coop.

you can also critique the game and talk about why you did or did not like it.

Star Wars Competitive Couch Mode

The Star Wars Games was okay, I liked the game mechanics but as I don't play FPS often I had a difficult time figuring out which button did what initially.  I don't really like the competitive couch mode because it splits your screen ion half and sometimes I accidentally start looking at the wrong screen which can get confusing.  The graphics were pretty good, and the character moved pretty well, though you would occasionally get stuck on a rail or something.  All in all, it was a pretty good game.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Fallout 4 review.

I have played fallout before but have never really gotten into it. Fallout 4 is somewhat fun. I don't think I'm going to buy it though. At least not right off. If I were to get it, I would wait for the price to drop. The game has a good story and plot. The graphics are decent and the game is fairly pleasing to look at. I could see myself getting into the game and being addicted to it. But it is too slow paced for my liking. I lean towards PvP based games. I enjoy games like Battlefield and Halo.

Fallout 4 - Lars

Fallout 4 is the best game I have played in a while. Having played Fallout 3 as well as Fallout 3: New Vegas religiously, I am a huge Fallout fan. The setting of the games and the art style and music all work so well together to immerse you completely in the game. The empty, dead atmosphere makes you really feel like you are in the game. Also, the customization of armor and weapons along with the town creation system makes the game feel completely unique and custom to the way you want to play the game. The graphics are also very nice to look at. The same Fallout look that was present in 3 and New Vegas is also in Fallout 4, however it looks much better and more realistic. Finally, the game play is fantastic. Fire fights are extremely fun and play very well. Using V.A.T.S. adds a unique element to fighting that is not used in any other games. Also, your followers actually are effective and helpful in combat.  Overall, Fallout 4 is an incredible game that I highly recommend. If you enjoy open world RPG's with expansive customization, great atmosphere, and good combat, then you should play Fallout 4.

Recommended because you liked Skyrim and Oblivion:

Fallout 1, Fallout 2, Fallout 3 (Game Of The Year Edition), Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 4. The Fallout series is popular due to the success of Doom, Doom II, Doom III, and The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. In Fallout you are roaming The United States 60 years in the future. The Fallout franchise is Bethesda's version of the best selling First Person Shooter series, Call Of Duty.

Tyson's review of Fallout 4

In my personal opinion, Fallout 4 is an extremely fun game. Since I got it last week I've put in about 26 hours into playing, and haven't gotten bored yet. Fallout 4 is a huge game, with a map that encompasses the entire Boston area, and everywhere you go you can find some new location, or something to fight. I prefer Fallout 4 to the previous Fallout games since in the older games it was much more difficult to play. This difficulty was largely due to a continuous back and forward movement of the gun, and your guns breaking down as you used them. By removing these two features, my experience playing the game has been drastically improved. Another major appeal of Fallout 4 for me is the idea of making your own character and developing their personality through dialogue choices and the ability to have companions with whom you can develop relationships with characters that each have their own unique background. 

Fallout 4

Fallout 4 was an okay game, the graphic were most certainly amazing, at times it looked like reality.  Something to expect from AAA games, I think I would have liked it better if we'd started from the beginning and had gotten a better grasp of the story.  Since we were dropped in at level 20 with no knowledge of the story, I had a difficult time understanding what was going on.  I wasn't really motivated to go a clear out areas with raiders and mutant creatures, because I didn't have a clear end game.  But the game was clearly set up with an endgame in mind, with free play elements that change the outcome of that goal.  Since we missed the beginning of the story, we also missed the introduction of our character, I wanted to know his story, his motivations, etc.  The mechanics also weren't the best, it was sometimes difficult to have the metal suit how you wanted.  Which is especially vital when an enemy gets close to you.  I also would have been less frustrated with the controls if we had started from the beginning where the enemies are easier to defeat.  Still, it is certainly a gorgeous game with a great soundtrack; the game mechanics could use a little work I think, and I would have liked to know the story.  But all in all Fallout 4 did not disappoint.

Image result for fallout 4

Fallout 4

I liked Fallout 4. Even with no instructions and no tutorial, I could figure out what I needed to do, and I was somewhat okay at it. Although I hadn't played any of the Fallout games before, I want to buy Fallout 4 after playing for 5-10 minutes.

Fallout 4

   I didn't really like this game because I didn't get enough time to play it, and I didn't get the full affect of how to play it because I don't know the story and how to do things in the game. I wouldn't buy this game because I don't find the time period of this game that fun, and when I played it I just felt lost and confused.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


This is a looping animation I made in photoshop.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Attack on Titan

The game attack on titan in my opinion is garbage. I do not like anime style games. I prefer games like halo and call of duty.

Attack on Titan

It was an alright game, but the mechanics were a little shoddy and if I'm honest the concept was a little trash for a private one person made indie game.  It could be much better, better graphics, better mechanics and be great.  But the fact that only one or two people made this makes it more like a trash flash game than anything else.  The only thing that would have made it more trashy was if they had added their own OC(original character) into the character list and put in the info section "original OC donut steel".

Attack on Titan tribute game

The attack on Titan game is unrefined, but has potential. I personally did not enjoy the game due to the control scheme, since I'm more used to the controller button scheme. My other main problem with the game didn't run well on the computer I was using, and we were unable to play online together.

attack on titan game

I thought the game attack on titan was quiet fun. The game was cartoon looking and the controls were a little difficult, but over all the game was quiet fun. also there is some lag if you don't have a good computer. The multiplayer was not fuctional.
Attack on Titan Tribute game is fun and all but the framework and cross hair response... Not so much.


Friday, November 6, 2015

Attack on Titan

       I didn't like this game at all, because I thought it was way to complicated to just move in a straight line. In my opinion I thought that the graphics weren't that good, like when you would go past a house, you would be able to see through the house. I did like this game a little. What I liked was to be able to create your own character. But I found it more fun to watch people who knew how to play the game then actually playing it.

Attack on Titan

The Attack on Titan game we played was in my opinion not very good. The controls were terrible and there were a ton of glitches. The camera made it impossible to play the game smoothly and made for very frustrating game play. Though there were aspects of the game that I enjoyed, overall I did not have fun playing it. I liked the mechanic of using the ropes to swing around but it was not easy to use them well. I also enjoyed how satisfying it was to kill a titan.

Thursday, November 5, 2015


How is the experience of a Multiplayer game different than a single player? 
Think about how learning a game by playing against other  real players who are also learning impacted your  experience, and changed your thoughts on the game as a whole. Then write a short missive on your response to these questions and post it to the blog.

Game Friday

Attack on Titan Game instructions:

1. Go to
2. Click on the center area where there is a image, to install and download the UNITY game program.
3. Exit out of the site, go to a different site, then reopen
4. Go to multiplayer - private server - click on the option that is NOT PORT
5. Wait for further instruction
6. Once inside chat room for game, set character and name (set name to your name and last initial like this : Jacob S. )
7. Wait for game to start.

How to play:
Goal - Kill all of the "Titans"
How - Hit the titans in the back of the neck

WASD - Moves
Q + E - releases a rope to your curser location
Space - Sends dual ropes to either side of you
LClick - Sword Swing
Rclick - Special (if you have one)
R - New sword (swords break after extended use)
Shift - Gas to launch off the ground
Control - Dodge

Monday, November 2, 2015

Shadow of Mordor

Shadow of Mordor is a recent game that runs on the nemesis engine, which makes the game even better. Being able to go anywhere and fight any enemy. The nemesis engine is what really makes this game great, from seeing enemies that had beaten you rise up in the dark army, to seeing how the captains interact with each other. Even after fighting a captain, he will have scars from previous fights. Then there are the warchiefs that are surrounded by captains, making taking them out even more fun, with each fight being different, and the ways to take them in are all different. Overall, Shadow of Mordor is a great game, especially thanks to the nemesis engine.

Shadow of Mordor

Shadow of Mordor is about a man who's whole family got killed by the dark lord who is the ruler of the orcs. The ring maker was betrayed and killed by the dark lord, and his soul still seeking revenge attached its self  to the main character who also was seeking revenge on the dark lord. The main character gained a godly power from the ring makers soul and the journey to kill the dark lord and rid the orcs from mordor.

What I find fun about the game is how you can drain the orcs life energy to the point where you explode their heads. while draining them the orcs start to scream in pain which I find funny and quite satisfying. Now you people might think wow this guys crazy but the reason why I don't feel bad for doing it, is because the orcs enslaved the human race and showed no mercy and were brutal to the humans, on top of that there the reason for your family and friends getting killed right in front of you. The reason for them killing your family was just because they felt like it they didn't care, so when you drain them and hear the pain that they're going through it feels satisfying plus it causes the other orcs around to flee.  

Shadow of Mordor

My favorite thing about this game is when you come across a boss, because you would have to face against the boss and his minions. I think it's cool how the bosses have different strengths and weaknesses. I also like how this game is kind of like Lord of the Rings. What I didn't like that much but what I thought was cool about this game was that if you lose to a boss then that boss would rank up. But I also didn't like how if you were fighting a boss that was needed to be killed that if another boss was around when you got killed by a boss that you were intended on killing that  they would rank up too.

Shadow of Mordor

One of my favorite things in Shadow of Mordor is displayed in the picture above, one of my favorite things to do is to challenge immense hordes of the enemy, and smash them. Although I'm not one who takes pleasure in causing pain to creatures, I do enjoy the ability to decimate the enemy without struggle, to render all their resistance futile, to make them utterly powerless against me. This is an experience that is so enjoyable since it is one that I usually am unable to experience, playing video games for me represents the abandonment of my moral code, for pity, for empathy. Although the game's combat style, climbing, and stealth mechanics bear a strong resemblance to the triple-A titles of Assassin's Creed, Shadow of Mordor also introduces the "army of Sauron", which is essentially a replenishing hit list that you can work on fulfilling to amuse yourself, which doesn't appear in any of the Assassin's Creed games. Shadow of Mordor also has a very different system for upgrading your character, since in Assassin's Creed games your character improves as you progress through the story and as you collect enough money to buy better weapons and equipment. In Shadow of Mordor, however, to upgrade your character you collect experience points from fighting and killing your enemies in various ways, then to upgrade your equipment you have to kill the captains and war chiefs to collect runes for upgrading your sword, dagger, and bow.