Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Research project-Group Response Nic Beaulieu

Our topic was whether we thought violent video games had a negative effect on the players behavior and attitude. The two sides to our topic were whether games did effect the player negatively, or they had no effect, or a positive effect. My role was arguing on the positive/no effect side.Overall I would give our groups project a B, we had some problems with 'who was in charge' and we argued a little about filming and some points in our controversial topic, which makes sense i guess.Cam, Matt, Nick and Jacob were in our group, and i think they deserve the same grade. I think the hardest part was getting our group to agree on something,the easiest part is gathering facts. I learned a little about the positive effects of video games on the player. My opinion is that video games don't effect players in a bad way.

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  1. They do have negative effects on kids as it makes them more aggressive and have more aggressive thoughts. But the negative effects have little chance of happening.