Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Indie game movie


     Indie Game The Movie the movie to me was pretty good. I like the movie because it really got into the lives of Tommy and the guy with the weird beard. I think that Tommy was more nervous and freaking out about the game then the guy with the beard was. Don't get me wrong he was freaking out to but not as much as Tommy was. The guy from FEZ he had some problems with his game and his former business partner. That guy was to attach to his game and he did say that in the movie. He said that he redesigned the game four times.
     Why this movie was important to watch was to show the different steps in making a game. For example when Super Meat Boy launch it wasn't on the xbox market. That to me and them was a very important thing because like Tommy said it is what is going to sell the game. Then the Fez guy he went to Pax 2011 in Boston to sell his game and that is another important thing to making a game you need to sell the product. Advertise is the best thing to do when making a game. This movie to me was great.

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