Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Star Craft post

Playing against other people helps me in many ways. It helps he because I know that we are equally knew to the game. With us both being equally knew it helps me feel that I may not be the worst player at the game so I wont have as much anxiety while playing unlike I would if I was playing with kids I don't know. This helps me realize that I may actually be better so I try a little more because it is competition but it still makes me feel good even if I win or loose. This is why playing with other people you know is a good way to learn.


  1. I agree. Without the feeling that the others already know how to play the game takes some stress of trying to learn because you know that everyone is equally awful at the game.

  2. I agree with you Nick but some people like me feel that if you know the person it not as stressful and is pretty fun to mess up while playing with your friends.