Tuesday, October 22, 2013


The Indie Movie follows the experience of three developing company, the makers of Fez, Super Meat Boy and of Braid.  It shows how each of these developers goes through their own growing pains of developing these games.

The maker of Fez has been developing for several years, having split off with his partner he finds himself with legal trouble while trying to make his game.

The maker of Braid released his game to great success, but finds himself depressed when players do not understand the deeper meaning behind the game.

The makers of Super Meat Boy find themselves in a time crunch to release their game before a harsh deadline, but are able to release it in time and sell over 20,000 on day 1.


  1. You've given a good summary of the movie itself, but I think you should explain something you learned from the movie. What did you yourself think about the people who bought and played Braid didn't see the real meaning behind it? How did you feel about the makers of Super Meat Boy, beating there time crunch, meeting their deadline, and selling around 20,000 copies on their release day?

  2. I think that the crunching guys were the best story. They had the best story and the most heartwarming finish. Call me self centered, but I like happy endings.