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fighting games - yay or nay

Injustice 2 is a game about putting two superheros from the DC universe against each other in many different maps. The controls have somewhat of a learning curve, but you can play a couple of matches, and get a pretty firm grasp of the basic moves. This is an arcade type game, which means that you can just pick up a controller and start playing. That is what makes this game appealing, the replayabillty factor is very high, as you will almost always meet another player, and you have over 30 heroes to choose from. Injustice 2 is a very fun game.

essay on fighting games

I think fighting games a both fun and boring. The games a are simple and easy but they can get boring pretty quickly if there are just two people. Their is no plot, missions or backstory. Instead you are trapped in a small area and you have to fight one other person with hardly any moving ability. All you can do is move forward and backward. on the other hand it can be a great time waster and it has a very easy concept to follow. Choosing characters is easy, there's no leveling system, you don't have to chose your weapons, they are provided for you and you don't have to deal with long cutscenes. playing it isn't hard but like some games like frogger it gets old pretty quickly when you can't do much other than punching your opponent and sometimes using a special ability. What would make fighting games better I think would be to allow the player to be able to move around more and have more powers available than just punching, kicking and one special ability. I think fighting games are both fun and boring depending on the fighting game and characters.

fighting games

In my point of view fighting games are good. They can be used as a vent for some people. Also what do you classify as a fighting game. Would you classify a arcade tank game as a fighting game? In some ways you could say that they are with the idea that it is still violence. In other ways you could say that they are not because there are no people in the game that get hurt. You are basically driving a remote control tank ageist other tanks that are also being remote controlled.

You can also look at it from the idea that most games on some level can be seen as violent. Minecraft for example does have some violence with the fact that you use a sword or a bow or even a fish to kill creepers, enderman, zombies and even a dragon. On the other hand it is all fake.

Fighting Games

Fighting games have been a part of Gaming since the release of Karate which was released in 1982, this game was a vital innovation since the game was a fighter for a 1v1 format where you could play against an AI or another player which would be implicated in most of the fighting games to come. Fighting games are also known for starting controversy especially the game Mortal kombat (original release in arcades,1992) was very controversial because of the “Fatalities” it presented the player with at the end of the fight that usually had much more blood and gore than the rest of the game as seen by the most recent application of the Mortal Kombat series (Mortal Kombat X, 2016). Fighting games are some of the most intricate styles of gaming with the finesse that you need to have to control the player and be able to pull of spectacular moves, The two game that represent the intricacy between Movement and Attacking would be Mortal Kombat X and Injustice 2

Smash, Melee, Brawl, and Sm4sh!

Super Smash Bros, or Smash, is an ongoing hit title for Nintendo fans looking for a fighting game featuring all their favorite childhood characters. Smash has four installments and will most likely have a fifth when the Nintendo Switch starts to get better and more stable. Smash includes characters like Mario and Luigi from Super Mario Bros. as well as Link and Zelda from The Legend of Zelda, and Marth from Fire Emblem. Even some Pokemon like Pikachu and Lucario. Throughout the games the roster has gotten bigger and better, as well as a couple dropouts, like Young Link and Pichu. The games have a massive community and have tournaments frequently, which you can watch down below. Smash is a great game competitively with friend, or online competitively. I’d recommend this for anybody that is a classic Nintendo fan or modern Nintendo fan, and wants to have a couch party with friends.

Fighting games as a concept

Fighting games as a concept

A fighting game is generally a 1-4 player game where each player engages in hand to hand combat (although occasionally weapons are used with a melee focus). The games are round based where the winner of each round gains one point until a limit is reached.

an example of a really good fighting game is Overgrowth, which I personally have been following the development for almost 7 years. The game by wolfire games (which also co founded the humble bundle website), is the sequal to a cult classic "Lugaru", in which you are an anthropomorphic rabbit avenging his village that got destroyed by wolves and bandit rabbits. The game features a highly advanced combat and movement system where each player is made up of an entire skeleton and damage dealt is based on broken/sprained bones. This results in fights which can be rather drawn out because you can't get a good hit, or fights which end almost immediately because you got a lucky hit and snapped the spine/neck. the game also features a full level editor which can be used to create many maps and custom missions.

Both players died from a snapped neck.

Fighting Games Essay

Fighting games have been around for a long time. From Street Fighter to Injustice 2, teens and adults alike have loved fighting games. They give you a place to take out your frustration and anger without actually hurting anyone. Not only that, but they also are a huge controversial topic, with people debating whether or not fighting games are actually good, or if they influence a lot more violence in teens today. In my opinion I believe that fighting games are good as long as what happens in the game stays in the game and that as long as it's not a very big influence in violence, that teens should be free to play whatever games they want.
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Friday, November 3, 2017

should video games have a social conscience

I think that some video games should not have a social conscience. some video games are built as a way to tell a story, with the player directly involved in whats going on. These games generally follow some sort of narrative like Shadow of the Colossus, or OneShot. These games are meant to show some sort of emotion, and something that is in some ways like a book, in which you are able to become connected with the characters. Other games, like Injustice, or Battlefield should have a social conscience, because these games main focus is on the multiplayer. Games who’s main mechanics are baced around multiplayer should be more engaged with their playerbace, no matter what gender or age they are. There are some age exceptions like 10 year olds on a rated M(mature 17+) game. I believe that games mainly baced around the multiplayer aspect should be engaged with their fans, while more single-player, story driven games should focus more on the game, and making sure that they make a game that will be remembered.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

The Flow

Math is a little bit fun but its challenging
Tic Tac Toe is a little challenging but not as fun
Flag Football is fun and challenging because it requires skill and cooperation but isn't too easy
Brawlhalla is equally fun and challenging this makes it high up in the flow section
Minecraft is fun but not very challenging
Video game design class is fun as hell but not very challenging when we just talk

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Video games should not have a social conscious.  If we as a community agree that video games are an art form, then there should be no limits.  Yes our opinions differ and there are some games we do not all agree on.  But there should never be a bias more powerful than the other, especially in America. We live in an age of equality, triggering, and extremism.  We often hate the other side and most of us cannot compromise.  This is the case with video games.  Whenever a contrivesrsial game comes out, the media often bashes the game for its idiocy or incorrectness.  But this incorrectness is what is great.  It is not videogames that are the problem, it is us.  Stop getting so triggered, stop thinking of yourself as the most important person on this earth, th

social video games

I think games should have social conscious because it adds to the what makes the game interesting. without at least a small bit of consciousness then the game is boring and without a story to follow. it may effect peoples opinions on the issue or idea it represents but that's what creates debates and opinions. Its what makes the game fun or boring to people. if their was no controversy about the game then the developers wouldn't have anything that would make them want to improve the game or change its idea or story line. every game should have some consciousness because without it then you have a very boring game.

video game in public eye

Should video games have a social conscience? I believe that they should in some ways but in other ways they should just leave things alone. To support the idea that they should have a conscience is they shouldn’t put things in that games that insult people or a group of people directly. But on the other hand they shouldn’t because it is all in the digital world where nothing is truly damaged. When you shoot a game character no harm comes to anyone in real life. Video games for a lot of people are a vent. I am sure that in those people didn’t have the games to take out their games they might take that hate and dangerous thoughts and actions into public where real people might die.

Freedom in Video Games

Video Games should be what the creator wants the game to be. If the game has a social consciousness, then that's how the game was intended to be played, and we should be appreciative of this. Although if a game is more independent and functions by itself and only itself would be a success in different terms instead of the game with a social consciousness. It's not my-or anybody's- say on whether a game's creator was in the right or wrong for the game he made.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

10/10 -IGN

Happy Wheels is a amazing game, it offers diverse content for everyone to play. Players can create their own levels for others to play. One game mode I like to play is Pogo jump/fight. It is where the player must jump over walls or people holding weapons. But Pogo Jump is not the only mode there is, there are others like bottle run and sword throw are some others I like to play. The beauty about happy wheels is there is seemingly no limit to what you can make. One draw back I find is the amount of gore there is in the game. Although it is comical gore it can be disturbing. The gore however is what made Happy Wheels different from others. Some modes like bottle run are good for challenging other for the high score or fastest time. Happy Wheels has a diverse set of characters, which is important this year since everyone gets triggered at everything. NPB911

The game you can make your own destiny. I decided that use the smashing class the whole base of that class is to run into other doing damage. You can also go with classes that use drones to do your dirty work. I go to the ramming class because it works with my play style of speed and getting right up in your face attack. You can also use classes that shoot bullets the bigger the bullet the more damage. You can also get rid of others bullets if your bullets penetration is higher. This game is fun for me because you can make the game how you want. Part of the game is also strategy you can work with upgrades. | Don't Waste Your Time is probably the most infuriating game I have ever played.  The premise is to get to the top of the leader board by collecting points.  These points can be obtained by shooting shapes with your "tank".  The only problem is, you can obtain more points by killing other players.  Sounds interesting right? WRONG.  The players on the top of the leader board already have the best weapons, most health, and are practically indestructible.  These players spend all of their time hunting you down and making sure you can't take them out.  The game promotes this by including multiple classes and huge variety.  The problem with this is that there is one class that overpowers the rest of the classes.  This class requires no skill, is extremely annoying to play against, and will completely dominate the entire game if he gets to the top.  The class is fast with high health and low bullet damage.  The class deals damage by catching up to you and ramming into you.  I cannot express how annoying this is.  I have been killed by these people multiple times, after lots of time spent being strategic and skillful.  This game is not worth your time.  I would much rather prefer Runescape, a role playing game in which there are no limits.  Runescape is a game that you can play at whatever pace you choose.  If you like relaxing, farming, mining, and collecting resources to upgrade your character, you can do that.  If you like to fight monsters and bosses to obtain very good loot, you can do that.  If you like to get upset and die over and over like in, I guess you can do that.  Moral of the story is, don't play this piece of shit game.  They clutter their page with ads and make money off of your anger.  They do not care about their fan base.  It is a game only created to get money, that's it.

My thoughts on is an overall competitive game about being the biggest "tank" around and staying on top. 

There are 8 different game modes, Free for all (FFA) and Survival, basically King of the hill modes. Team modes, 2 teams, 4 teams, Domination, and Tag. There is also maze mode, which is FFA in a maze and Sandbox mode which is essentially a screw around mode. The game can be challenging because there is no specific spawn point, so you could always spawn in the middle of a war zone. The game is fun for a time consumer and fairly fun if playing with friends. I'd rate this game a 3.765/5.33

It's fun, has different game modes, and you can play with friends. PLAY IT!

I liked playing this game because even though its graphic are crap, its an easy game to play and it can become very addicting. the leveling mechanic that it has allows you to upgrade your character and as you level up the more powerful you become. it looks boring at first but when you start playing it can become addicting and very competitive. its very simple to play and it doesn't require any special kills or Technics. you just run around in a area and kill as many enemies as you can before you die. sometimes this game can make you rage especially if you constantly keep dying over and over again. if other players team up and just target you instead of others, that can quickly make you want to rage and scream.

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Bottle Flipping Master