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Oregon Trail

The Oregon trail is an very enjoyable game considering the fact that it's an old game. The reason why I enjoy this game is that I grew up playing 8 bit games such as mario and mega man. this game has kept its somewhat popularity in the fact that it has multiple ways to play through and finish the game, if i had to remake the game I don't think that i could make a better version mainly because the concept is so old and so worn out, I don't think that a remake would do as well as the original.

Dis game be nice

The Oregon Trail is a phenomenal game for it's time (1971). It's about traveling the Oregon Trail with a party of up to 5 characters. Throughout the game you can look at historical landmarks, and cross the rivers, by Toughing it out and walking through it or by floating over it. The inventory system is alright, although sometimes it can be extremely stupid(2000 pounds of food+). Overall I would give this game a 7.5/Donuts, because I like this game as much as I like donuts.

Oregon Trail review

Dylan Dupuis Mr.Todd
Video Game Design 9/12/2017

I loved The Oregon Trail. I loved it because it was very simple and easy to play. I also loved it because you could run it and play within a minute. Another reason i loved it was because of how random it is.

This game has stayed relevant because it is completly random. No two play throughs will be the same, so it will take hundreds of playthroughs to see everything. That is why the replayabillity factor is so high with this game.

I would revamp this game by giving it more options to choose from.

The Oregon Trail fam

~A Story~

The Oregon Trail is a game that was originally developed in 1974 by Don Rawitsch, Bill Heinemann, and Paul Dillenberger. Through this game you in control of a wagon that goes through the trails and rough things people who actually travailed the Oregon trail had to deal with. Through this game you encounter many hardships, such as having to cross many rivers, losing supplies in fires, having some oxen injured, having trek members get bitten by snakes, or get fevers, or typhoids, and many more. This game puts you into a deep mindset while also having that classic 8-byte gaming style. If I could change anything I wouldn't want to, as I think this game is great just the way it is. 

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Oregon Trail

Oregon Trail is a terrible game that was made in 1971 and I would rate it a 2/10. I didn't like any part of the game i thought it was dumb. I don't think this game would be anything like it would be in real life. Yeah its a game but could be a little more realistic based on going on a adventure. the amount of food you could take with you was really unrealistic. The graphics were pretty bad.

Oregon Trail

Oregon Trail review

Oregon trail is a classic game released in 1971 that everyone has heard of. It is an educational game where the player must make it across the Oregon trail making few stops along the way to stock up on supplies, food, and ammo. Along the way the player must face difficulties such as dying of dysentery, hunting, breaking arms, and many other obstacles. In it's time it was incredibly popular and still has a large player-base from the many versions of the games on browsers and fan re-makes such as organ trail (A zombie remake of Oregon trail). The game is also the source of quite a few cult-references such as the "You have died of dysentery" meme.

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Oregon Trail - super in depth summary of this game by epic_pants

       Oregon Trail is a game in 1971, and is a classic that should be rated 10/10 by IGN. It is a classic video game that was advanced for its time. I liked playing this game, the photo-realistic graphics made me feel as though I truly were in the wilderness fighting to survive the harshness of the environment. The randomness of the events in the game made the replay ability of the game much higher. There has already been a new game created recently called Organ Trail. In all honesty I do like this game, I like the old pixel graphics and the gameplay is fun. I bought Organ Trail for the PS4 and PS VITA and played through it. I can't think of a way to make this game more modern than updating the graphics but I think that the pixel graphics is what makes it special.

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Oregon Trail NPB

The Oregon trail is a fun game that needs you to use strategy and luck to win. Crossing the rivers is not bad as long as you always caulk they wagon and float it across. It is a fun game but can get very frustrating if you do not have some luck on your side. They say it is hard to balance your food and that you need to change your rations so that your food will last. All you need to do is have bullets and a little bit of skill that you can only get by playing the game to get food by going hunting. In conclusion I find this game fun but hard but some difficulty is a great thing. It makes it a luck based skill game.

SDFFDSAfgidsfjklj a friggin essay on the Oregon trail

Listen up.  The Oregon trail is a classic game which has been played for decades and is still relevant in today's media.  The game was released in 1971 and was developed by Don Rawitsch.  The gamer's at that time marveled at the idea of Oregon Trail.  It quickly became a hit, and is one of those games that everybody knows.  When we played the game on Friday, I was surprised and kind of amazed of how fun the game was.  It was a true experience seeing how games were played nearly 50 years ago.  The game play was fun with friends and was extremely challenging.  The simplicity and difficulty of the game makes the player really want to play the game.  Every decision the play makes must be considered.  The seriousness of the game is 
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Oregon trail essay

Paul Daugherty
Period 4

I did enjoy the game Oregon Trail because it was a game that's fun despite the graphics. Playing was like choosing your own adventure and their was no path you had to follow. The only real objectives to the game was keeping your crew alive, managing resources, and getting as far as possible before you die. It wasn't to difficult to follow and the controls were not complicated. I have played Oregon trail before but it was many many years ago. It was a cool experience to play a game that has been around for over 30 years. The game also gave a small bit of history to it when you're playing the game. Playing it was like having fun while also learning a bit of history as you go.
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Oregon Trail Review - Brent hatch

The game oregon trail is a game that came out on December 3rd, 1971. And I think that its a verry good game and I would rate it 10/10.

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First Reflection Essay

You will be working independently and will be writing a  Reflection Essay on the classic game the Oregon Trail, and posting it to the class Blog.You can  play the game with your group Oregon one more time through

The Essay is simple.

Did you enjoy playing this game? Why or why not? 

What made this game special why has it stayed fairly relevant for decades?

 In 2017 how would you re-boot this game to make it great?

 Please write short essay in google docs and post it to the Blog with at least on picture.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Maze of the Forbidden Carrot

In the Maze people disappear, no one knows why they do. Every person who enters the maze never comes out. There are all sorts of people who attempt the maze some are tall, some are short, some are fat, some are thin, some are woman and some are men. the only thing they have in common is the hunger for the forbidden carrot.

My Maze

I thought this was by far the best thing we have done in this class. My maze was really awesome to make.But the thing I don't like about my maze is that the floor is glitchy because I added to many textures. I do like it though because it makes the floor look really cool.I feel like my maze could be used for a sniping battle in a call of duty game.


This weekend I bought Undertale after hearing about it online and how it is such a great game. I started playing it and was delighted that the tag line was true. "The RPG game where you don't have to kill anyone!" The game had a happy tone, and I decided that I was going to save everyone in my first play through. But that is the draw, it was up to the player to decide who will live, and who will die. Each play style has its own draws, with the player have the control of how the game plays out. If the player decides to kill everyone, then it would feel more like an older RPG where you have to grind in certain areas, but after a certain number of monsters, they would all be gone, none would be in the towns, or fight you anymore, and the atmosphere changes to show what you have been doing. If you save everyone, then towns are filled, and you can even friend people who you thought were your enemies. That is why Undertale is great, since it is the first RPG where no one has to die!

UDK Maze

Making a maze with UDK was pretty fun. The repetition of making the walls showed me the actual amount of time it takes to make something as simple as a maze. It gave me a new view on game development. The maze I created was somewhat bland and lacked eye catching features, this is mostly because I ran out of time to add aesthetics. Although as simple as it is I like the simplicity and somewhat unfinished look of it. The only thing I dislike is how short the maze is, I wish I had more time to add to it. The goal behind my maze is to find  a magic sword that is in the possession of the greatest warrior ever to exist. 


My maze was very fun to make. I made many changes as I continued building it, but my main idea stayed the same. I wanted it to be difficult to solve, but to have a rewarding ending. I tried to make the ending area as pleasant and peaceful as possible, as opposed to the bleak colorless maze area. I wanted to add music as well as footsteps to the game, and possibly even enemies, but I didn't have enough time. I really enjoyed using UDK to make this game, even though at first it was a little intimidating, I became comfortable with it after a while. It became pretty easy to use for the basic level design that I was doing. This is the project that I am most proud of from the entire year. 


This is the view at the start of the maze. It almost looks like a dead end, but it isn't.

After rounding the first corner, you find this. There are many paths, only one will work. 
This path is the one that works.
 This path is a dead end.
This is the end of the maze.
This is a top view of the entire maze.

The maze is more difficult to solve in this format than it would be as a two dimensional maze. This is likely due to the lighting. Dead ends and openings appear very similar. In addition, you don't know where you are trying to reach, as the walls are blocking it from your view.

UDK maze

Working with UDK was different than any other game creation engine than I have worked with before. It was much more powerful than Unity, which was interesting to be able to have a stronger engine, but it was much more complicated. Learning the basics was interesting, but to be at a professional level would take much more time than we had, which was a problem because then there wasn't enough time to learn how to use kismet. UDK was a great engine, and after I figured out how to use it, I could do so many more things than I had thought. Making a maze was a challenge to me, since the way to add objects was much more complicated than other engines, but the mechanic was set up so you can make much more intricate shapes, which was something that made it a joy to work with, since it made it possible to fill in tiny gaps that you had missed without layering over the previous objects. Overall, it was fun working in UDK, and I would like to spend more time learning how to use it well.

UDK Maze

Its a maze, its got two floors the floor on the first floor is water.  its dark and it has creepy ambient sounds.  Its not hard to solve it could be better, honestly I was very annoyed with the udk editor.  The developers could have made that software way easier to use but I guess that wouldn't be enough fun for them. There should be more floors, more skins, better lighting, and more twists and turns in the maze.  It should be harder to solve but I'm just not good enough at using the software to make it a better maze.  I wish there were trees or mobs or something.  But I don't know how to do either of those things so...The water floor is okay I guess but I feel like its too distracting because the water keeps shifting and while that's creepy and I was going for creepy, I feel like there's too much going on in the floor and not enough going on in the maze itself.  Its just not mentally challenging, it could be level one in a much bigger game but there aren't any other levels.
I made a map for UDK of ancient ruins check out these photos. In this map, you wake up finding yourself in the 23rd demension. You can't use the ancient weapons that are lying on the ground because you don't have enough fragments for them.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Mortal Kombat

I played Mortal Kombat X for the first time. My impression was wow. i loved the graphics and the fatalities and brutalities. my favorite character to use was Liu Kang, he is a close quarters combat character. Liu Kang doesn't deal as much damage as the others but he is one of the faster attacking characters that if you land a combo it can deal an insane amount of damage anywhere between 31-80% of the opponent's health bar can be taken away.

Mortal Kombat X review

Mortal Kombat X dominates other fighting games (Street Fighter, Injustice, Tekken, etc.) With its cutting-edge graphics and out-of-this-world enviorment, Mortal Kombat X is one of the best fighting games of 2015. Mortal Kombat X has a lot of interesting features, like custom intro diologue, throwing stage items such as: skeletons, kettles and even civilians! I give the graphics a perfect 10/10, the enniorment a 9/10, the character design a 10/10, custom diolouge 10/10 and soundtrack a 8/10. I especially like playing as Erron Black, because he is overpowered.


Indie Game: The Movie highlights the difficulty of developing indie games, while also showing the potential rewards. I think they were more focused on the rewards, as none of the games shown were failures. The film may have been meant to encourage viewers to design their own games. However, it did not give very much information on how to succeed within the field.

Indie Games film

        I thought that Indie Games was a good documentary about how these four people in the film had worked really hard to make their games and was worried how people would react to their games. The 2 men who made the game Super Meat Boy were Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes who took years to make this game and was worried that people wouldn't like their game but they ended up liking it and it put such a relief on them after it was rated in the top 5 Xbox games. The maker of FEZ Phil Fish, when he went to PAX he was worried that his game was going to be bad. But some people were finding glitches and it made him feel worse and think that no one would buy his game, but people ended up still liking his game because of how the game was pixel looking and how the character was 2 dimension but the background and the land was 3 dimensional. The maker of Braid Jonathan Blow wasn't satisfied what some people said about his game but it ended up being a really good game.

Indie Game: The Movie

Indie Game was an excellent documentary about the developing process of multiple indie games, from the perspectives of the developers. It highlights the struggles and anxiety involved with the process, as well as the reward. The development of Fez and Super Meat Boy were the main focuses, as well as some details about Jonathan Blow's experiences after releasing his game Braid. I thought that the film did a great job of showing just how hard making a game is. The time constraints, combined with the financial problems and the sacrifices of a social life and time with loved ones. There are many other individual difficulties, but when the game is successful, the reward seems worth it.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Age of War: 2

Age of War 2 was a fun game. The objective is to protect your base, while creating troops to destroy your enemy's base and troops. As the game progressed it became more addicting. When you first open up the game it gives you a screenshot tutorial, showing you what all the different buttons do. This way of teaching how to play the game worked for me but may not work for others. It was very brief and did not let you play the game while it taught you. Essentially, it just threw you into the game expecting you to know what to do based off of one tutorial screenshot.

Free Play Friday

         The game that I played was Age of War. This game is strategy game and its not that difficult but it can get boring after a while because you have to keep upgrading your tower so it doesn't get destroyed quick but at the same time you have to send out troops to help get money to upgrade your tower and also to defend the tower. But I also thought that it was also cool how you could evolve to get better troops and also how your tower would change when you evolve. This game isn't that hard to play, you just have to know that there is certain amounts of money for certain characters and also for turrets. You can find that out from when you kill enemies you would get money and then for what ever character you want it shows the amount they are worth. If you don't have enough you would have to wait until you get enough. But this game is a little laggy so it would sometimes take longer to get certain troops or specials in the game.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Free Play (and Writing) Friday!

Good video and computer games represent some of the best- designed, most user-friendly technologies available. In this assignment you will analyze how the learning environment of a favorite video or computer game teaches its users to play while also challenging and motivating them.

Find a game or two of your choice on the interwebs.

Give a brief description of the game you played with a screen shot.

Report how the game you have chosen goes about teaching players how to play.

Think about and assess the strengths and/or weaknesses of the game as a learning environment.