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Halo added a lot of game play features like 3D character 1st person view, in a 3D world. It added jumping, fast paced game play. This changed the way players played it, because they could move freely around a world with fast paced combat in real time looking at a beautifully crafted and strategically designed map. Also AI was made a lot smarter, because it would interactively engage you in combat. The features that were added/changed to make the FPS into what it looks like today were the game play, the graphics, the AI, the maps, and the mechanics.

Game Salad

My group was Cam Perron, Logan Lambert and I. We started out by choosing this style of play because of its similarity to angry birds. We all decided on Morgan Freeman for our objects because of the common knowledge of him and because of his awesome picture. We all put our heads together to think of bacon and decided where to put them and how the game should be played. Logan did most of the dirty work, making the game much more enjoyable to play.

Cards against humanity - by josh

Not all people might find the same thing funny, so that makes it difficult to make cards against humanity a game with a main game play feature being comedy. Cards against humanity does not make humor a sufficient stand alone reason to play the game because you need friends to laugh with, to make you laugh mostly. The reason cards against humanity gets its humor is because of the choices people make in the game. So The humor comes from the people that play and not the game.

Halo 3

In my Pov. Halo is a fun game that i think the developers did vary good at creating. The game aesthetics and graphics were and are still good today and make the game fun to play. Also the use of Forage mode made the game a lot more fun to play. Other games like battlefield of allows a use of forage mode created by modders but instead of forage, they called it sandbox. But Battlefield has stopped allowing the making of sandboxes after BF2142 which i found quite depressing but at least Halo still has forage. But I think that Halo is a good game and they should keep making it good and keeping it good.

Adolf Hitler's favorite card game

This game has a difficult gameplay feature because of the points award system. Yes the game is funny,  but the problem is a player can be very restricted to gameplay. A player receives a deck of cards, while I was playing, I noticed that my deck did not change, I assume because I was not winning. But people who won got more cards, and therefor started to get more points. To be honest I was given a terrible hand, and my cards never fit with the question, or were never chosen as a top pick. Even though the gameplay can be a bit fault and corner players who may not have "good cards", to me this game properly captures the way to play a game of this nature. This card game is very cleaver and I enjoyed playing it and can't think of any other way to use this type of comedy.  
This our game and I didn't change the pics so I don't why we chose them and Justin did not wan't do it so this is the description.


Halo added jump boosts so you can jump higher than what a normal player can in a game like Call Of Duty. If you use this strategically you can potentially use the jump boosts to your advantage. Little things like this were added and have developed into things like perks that can assist you and make your game play better. Halo uses a controller layout that has been modified and changed slightly into a system that feels better when you play it. I think thats why Call Of Duty is so popular because it just feels right.


I have only played call of duty games in my life, and on Friday was the first time i have ever played halo. So compared to CoD you have to have a lot more skill. In halo it takes more bullets to kill someone, and your hip firing from a far distance some times making it so that you have to have precise and accurate aim. In CoD all you have to do is sit on a head glitch and you are guaranteed a kill. When I had played halo on friday i realized that it was a lot better then CoD in many ways. If FPS games are more like CoD in the future then most of the people who play FPS will not play because call of duty is terrible. FPS should be more like halo because it is equally the same to get a kill rather than connection based in CoD, you just have to have skill.

GameSalad Cody Emily

   This is our game the reason why we choice the character's we did was because we thought it was funny. We didn't want the game to be serious we just wanted to have fun. I mean a lion shooting kitties at dogs then the boss kangaroo come and you have to sent him back down under. All happening in real time in space.

Halo 3

Halo 3 is a great example of an FPS and is one of the better games I have played. Compared to Call of Duty, Halo takes a lot more thought and effort on the part of the player making it more of a challenge. The enemies are tougher, and require certain weapons to kill certain enemies. As far as how it's changed from the original PC version I can't really say, as I've never played the original game. There is the obvious change in graphics, and the better mechanics that comes with most games as technology advances. I can say that Halo is a great game, and it was fun to get to play against other people instead of just doing the campaign.

Cards Against Humanity

Cards against humanity was a fun game that my friends showed me a few months ago. It was pretty fun and also funny. It takes comedy to the teen/young adult level in maturity. The games comedy is pretty good I think and the questions and answer cards go along real well together to make funny or immature answer that make us laugh. This game is a good mean time game and I would play it more. And I'm the reason on why we played this game. If you like it, give me credit for bringing it in :D. 
The music!!!!!!!!!!

Halo 3

In comparison to previous FPS games, Halo 3 brings in abilities like power ups, energy and such, but that is more based off the story and the setting. At base, this game is the same as those other FPS games. Run. Shoot. Basics. The overall gameplay is smoother and there are more weapons to use. These weapons are more specialized which appeals to players, rather than having only a few weapons which all are about the same, generally. This allowed players to become good at a style of playing, which appealed to a greater crowd.
Different maps, different guns, a unique storyline, and an advanced gaming system allowed Halo to turn into what it is today, from those original shooters. From Halo, I think the gameplay has gone largely unchanged for now, as most shooters still have it first person with a large artillery and many levels with special features each unique to the game.

Cards against humanity.

Cards against humanity focuses and is based around a comedy aspect. Most games focus around in depth story line but still have comedy to keep people entertained. I find it would be hard to focus a game around comedy but Cards Against Humanity has accomplished that. The randomized cards you can get with card filters makes everything funnier. It can range from getting cards about the Holocaust to eating dirt. Games that focus on this type of genre only are only going to have a limited audience because it is extremely inappropriate. They have card filters however to fix this problem. I thought this game was very fun and hilarious.

Halo 3

Compared to the earlier incarnations of the FPS like Doom, Quake and Unreal Tournament, what sorts of game-play features did Halo add or change?

They moved the gun from the front to the right side, they added the ability to jump, they added grenades, they also added online multiplayer.

How did this change the way players played it?
They used online multiplayer to get better at the game.

What sort of features were added or changed from Halo's model to make the FPS scene into what it looks like today?
Slowly adding better graphics and slowly adding better online multiplayer until halo 4.

Halo, the Crown of Gaming -Jacob Shaker

The first game that I bought for the Xbox 360 was Halo Reach.  I had played other FPS games in the past, whether a friend brought their system over, or I had played it during a school event.  I have played CoD in the past as well, I find Halo to be a superior genre.  The immediate deaths, and camping of CoD allows no reaction time and a very low skill cap.  Halo has longer interactions, thus allowing a higher skill cap, initiating with an opponent, staying with an opponent, and killing said opponent.  Halo has also evolved more than CoD, while CoD's extras and graphics have improved, the multiplayer gameplay has remained very static.  Halo now has the same improved graphics as CoD but is now a major MLG.  I find Halo to be much better than CoD.



Halo changed it's futures from doom 1 by having better graphics and better mechanics. This changed the way players played the game by  enjoying the more. There is many things that were changed through out the years like graphics, game style and a addition to multiplier. Overall halo is better.

Halo 3

Some of the gameplay features that were added by Bungie to Halo 3 that makes the gameplay different from that of doom was the mechanics that allowed the play to move more freely and efficiently. In a game like Doom, the player in redistricted to moving more left to right, yes they can view up and down and so forth, but not with the ease as in Halo. This easy movement allows the player to move faster being able to make more moves and use more stragie movements against their opponents. With this new movement of characters, players I noticed make two choices of play, they can either take a run and gun approach, the normal Call of Duty approach or they can play a little more conservative and think about what they want to do. This is what Halo allows, it allows this flexibility of play. The main change that can be seen between Call of Duty and Halo 3 is the character progression of a player after a game. In a game such as Call of Duty, the character gains experience that levels the player up and unlocks things. In a game such as Halo, XP means nothing and neither does your characters level, it only shows the frequency of play. Your player is developed through wins.

Cards Against Humanity

       It is hard to make a game based around comedy because of different types of humors, an example is a lot of people like racist jokes and a lot don't so if you put racist jokes in a game it may get bad ratings and fail. Sometimes the jokes are just so bad and they make you not even want to play the game ever again. Or the game is so boring that alt+f4 before you even get far in the game. I think Cards Against Humanity succeeds because the jokes are almost always different and you make them basically so and there is still the competitive aspect to the game that makes people try to make the funniest jokes you can possibly make.

Halo 3 Nic Beaulieu

Halo 3 paved the way for modern fps's.  Halo 1, while not amazing, brought new and improved graphics to the table, not previously seen in the fps genre. It also included rechargeable health, instead of the use of health packs, smarter, better ai, and better movement and combat mechanics. I have been playing Halo since i was  little kid, and have played every game from 1- until now. I think the skill necessary to succeed in halo makes it a challenging and rewarding game. You must carefully aim for the head if you wish to get an easy skill, rather than 2 or 3 shots to the foot, like in CoD. This is why i think Halo is on of the best shooters of all time.

Cards of humanity.

In my opinion I liked the cards against humanity because you get to choose what stupid thing your going to say along with the quote, and have no idea what others may say so its very surprising. Some intricacies that would make a game fun but also interesting is that there would be some spontaneous moments that will make you laugh, but with missions such that are hysterical but you would also have to try, for example like gta 5 the cut scenes before each of the missions to me are funny, and when I would actually get in the mission I am actually very into the game and I have a ton of fun.

Cards against humanity

Cards against Humanity is possibly the funniest game ever. It does't try to be funny it just is. The reason that it is so funny is because it is very random and weird. Some of the cards are funny by themselves but if you put a question in with them they get even funnier. The whole game has endless possibilities and that is why it is so popular.

Cards against Humanity Nic Beaulieu

Games like Borderlands and Deadpool have some comedy relief, but are not games based on the comedic aspect. It is hard to have games completely based on comedy to because it might take away from the seriousness of a game, or the mood of the game. Cards against Humanity work, because it is a game completely based on being as funny, and outright disturbing as possible. However there are some drawbacks to games like this. You don't typically hear about people putting hours upon hours into the game, amassing a crazy win streak, etc. I think this is because your wins/losses have no affect on the rest of the gameplay and their is not much competitiveness. Borderlands has a good balance of the seriousness and comedy in my opinion.

Halo 3

Halo is a fun game. I like how you can jump really high and then shoot the person behind you. I am not very good at first person shooters but while playing Halo I felt like I was pretty good. I think that is why it is very popular because people feel good as they are playing. My favorite weapon would be the assault rifle, I am very good with it when I play Halo 4.

Halo 3

  Halo 3 on xbox. When Halo 3 game out it brought a whole new meaning to games. Doom was out and that was a poplar game but the graphics to it were crappy. The game look like Castle Wolfenstein it  then Halo add 1st person shooter with 3D characters. But people really like it because it was a new thing because of the technogly was better. Halo 3 was one of the many game to come to in the halo franchise. Halo had a predecessor named Call or Duty. These two games where at the top of the market  when it comes to shooters. Call or duty releases more games more often then halo does but when a halo game does come out it sells. Now I never played a halo game because I bought a ps2 and had that until I got my ps3 so I played Call or duty because it was on the other platforms unlike halo.      

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Halo requires more skill than CoD you nub cakez

     I did not play many shooters before halo 3 and 2 but when I played halo 2 I was like 7 or 8 and I did not play a lot. I mostly started shooters at halo 3. I can't say what was added or changed I have played old call of duty's though. It required more skill then call of duty. In Halo 3 you had to aim high to get an easy kill. All I can say is the maps are built to be competitive unlike cod which they are built to look pretty. It's funny watching a cod player go to halo and think they will be amazing. You do see some halo style shooters, like the higher jump the regenerating shield or maybe even the competitive maps. I think shooters would completely suck if they were all like call of duty.

Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity has got to be one of the most hysterical games I've ever played. It was almost like the popular board game apples to apples that I played when I was younger but, as they say it's for "horrible people." Which, is very true. This is hardly a game I would play with my 8 year old cousin, but certainly one I would (and do) play with my friends, when we're looking for a good laugh. Cards Against Humanity, DEFIANTLY makes humor an incentive to play the game. I've been playing this game for a week now, simply because it is so hysterical. It's hard to make humor the main component of a game (especially video games) because their is so much more going on. They have to focus on story, mechanics, characters etc, they can't focus directly on the humor element. This game is simple enough that you CAN focus purely on the humor of it.


The original Halo was the game put the Xbox in the general gaming consciousness. The FPS was something that only properly worked on the PC before, but Halo introduced some new mechanics to the genre, and constituted a very important step in the evolution of the genre to it's modern counterpart. 

Compared to the earlier incarnations of the FPS like Doom, Quake and Unreal Tournament, what sorts of game-play features did Halo add or change? How did this change the way players played it?

What sort of features were added or changed from Halo's model to make the FPS scene into what it looks like today?

cards against humanity

Video games now are mainly focused on game play experience and are many layers: their stories have depth. In a game where comedy is the main focus it's hard to create depth when the developers are trying to please the gamers of a new age. Another problem is the control and gameplay. It is hard to create a game with pleasing gameplay when there is no real obstacles or problems, as there game is comedy. There have been games that include humors moments as that is a good aspect of a quality game. Personally I do not think this game is that creative or funny. The content is extremely immature and it is simply just a mad lib for ill humored people.

Cards against humanity

      Cards against humanity is a game that I thought wasn't very fun. I just don't like the whole concept of picking an answer card and then it shuffling and then they read it in a humous fashion. To other people that might be the ideal game but I don't play those type of games. I would put this type of game genre into a party category. I'm more of a adventure role playing type of person. Plus I just get to angry   when playing card games or board game their just frustrating to me.

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Cards Against Humanity

The most important aspect of a game that makes it hard to base a game solely around comedy is the different types of gameplay that certain people feel. It is impossible to make a comedy game that is funny to everyone. But you can certainly try to please a vast number of people. In the game Cards Against Humanity comedy is not a proper incentive to play the game. I didn't even know that it was supposed to be a comedy game because it was not all that funny. Sure some of the what the cards said was funny but this game was not all that funny.

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Twinery post website, Andrew Little


Humor and Video Games - Jacob Shaker

Humor and Video Games

Humor and Video Games have had a strange relationship, while some humor can be appreciated in games, when included into mechanics it can quickly become tiresome and tedious.  Even "comedy games" use only crude humor, and puns during dialog, cut scenes, and random comments.  The reason why games such as Cards against Humanity and Apples to Apples hold much better comedy appeal is because these games do not need a "medium" to convey comedy, with the cards in your hands, with friends, the comedy is in the experience as much as in the gameplay.

Comedy Gold.

Comedy and video games have always had a more turbulent relationship then one would imagine at first. Compare a game with comedic elements, such as Borderlands or Deadpool to a game designed around comedy, like Cards against Humanity, and several differences become evident.

What intricacies of video games make it difficult to make games with comedy as a main gameplay feature? In your opinion, does Cards against Humanity succeed in making comedy alone proper incentive to play the game?