Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Second Scratch Game

You may have to hover over the berry for a while to eat it.

Spooky Scary Kombat

fight for who's scarier! Bump into each other to kill each other slowly! The first one completely gone wins!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Friday, September 26, 2014



Game Mechanics of OFF

OFF, the popular French indie game by Mortis Ghost, has very basic game mechanics.

  • Arrow keys guide you in the four cardinal directions around the map
  • You can interact with objects like buttons and panels in the ground by walking over them 
  • You can interact with NPCs by pressing Enter in front of them
    • Arrow keys select replies to NPCs
    • Enter submits replies
    • When the NPC is Zacharie, the arrow keys guide you through an inventory list and enter is used to add the item to your inventory
  • Battles are randomly triggered by moving the sprite past specific, sometimes hidden spaces
    • Within battles, the arrow keys are used to select moves to make against the ghosts
    • Getting hit by an enemy attack takes away varying amounts of points
    • Hitting an enemy takes varying amounts of points away from it
    • Enter executes the move or, if selected, can heal the player if held down
    • The option to "flee" from battle is sometimes available at random
    • The option to "let the sprite take over the battle" (a sort of autopilot) is available at random.
  • Plastic blocks can save your game or return you to the game map
  • Treasure chests can be opened with Enter, with mixed results. Sometimes there is a ghost, or nothing. Other times there is an item. 
The game is available for free download here

90's video games

80's Video Games

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Game Mechanics

The Game I chose is  Little League World Series for the Wii

  • Swing
  • A, B plus twist remote left or right for different pitches
  • Shake to Run
  • A+B to use special power up
  • B to dive
  • A to jump


game mechanics

The game i chose is mario kart. some of the mechanics are

  • turning left and right
  • hopping 
  • sliding 
  • throw weapons
  • accelerating 
  • going backwards 
  • power up box's

Game Mechanics

The game i chose to discuss the mechanics of is Minecraft. Minecraft has some of the most unique, innovative mechanics in gaming. Minecraft's mechanics include unlimited world generation, breaking and creating anything you want, realistic environments, combat, 1st & 3rd person views, and natural and non-natural structure generation. Minecraft also has single player with many different world generation preferences, and multiplayer servers which have there own mods that add brand new mechanics (called plugins). I won't go over the multiplayer mod mechanics because there are literally millions of them.

Game Mechanics

Hotline Miami

Unique Mechanics:

  • 8-bit art style 
  • Randomized AI 
  • One hit kill to both enemy and player 
  • Random weapon drop 
  • Animal Masks have different powers 
  • 80's music from 5 different musical artists 
  • Fast Paced Movement 
  • Ambiguous story

Snowdrift Mechanics

Snowdrift is a standard platformer, in which you can move left and right on the ground, jump, and crouch. A unique mechanic of the game is the ability to slide if you crouch on ice while moving. If you are not sliding, any enemy or hazard that comes in contact with you will hurt you and remove 1/3 of your life. When sliding, most enemies that you touch will die in one hit. In addition you move much faster.

Another mechanic is the variety of platforms. Each one changes the way you move and your ability to attack. The standard terrain is snow on stone and only allows basic movement. Stone does the same. On any kind of ice you can slide, but there are different kinds of ice platforms, including melting ice,

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


What makes a controller a good controler.

I think the Xbox 360 controller is the best controller overall. In terms of comfort, weight, and texture feel, it fits it all. The Xbox 360 controller great comfort comes from its lay out. The way your thumbs rest on the controller feels natural and not so much the feeling you have to reach for everything.
The weight of the controller some people say is to heavy, but I have to agree to disagree. I think the weight of the controller is perfect, it's not to heavy but its heavy enough where you don't feel like you are holding a piece of plastic that's going to break after two weeks of use. The weight of the Xbox 360 controller is 9.5 ounces.

The texture of the Xbox 360 controller is really great as well and here is why. The buttons on the controller don't feel cheep, and the analog sticks have a nice grip but not to sticky that its not a pleasant feeling. And the finish on the controller it self is so smooth but so sleek that it just feels amazing in your hands.

Controller Design

Developers tasked with designing a functional controller are probably challenged to make the device light enough to hold easily, small enough to reasonably fit in a player's hands, responsive to button presses, relevant to gameplay, and visually appealing. These challenges define the entirety of a controller design beyond any initial inspiration.

Gameplay functionality is probably a priority, because if you can't play a game, no one cares how good the controller looks. This is where button placement and design begins. The most used buttons are usually the largest and/or most colorful. Secondary functions are not necessarily large, but are either colorful or close to primary buttons. Almost all buttons on the controller are within reach of either the forefingers or thumbs. Any buttons not considered a major part of gameplay are placed towards the center of a controller, so that they are not difficult to reach with the thumbs, but are in fact a reach.

Once the placement of the buttons is chosen it's likely the exact shape of the controller is decided. This is designed to hold the necessary hardware and comfortably fit in the grip of one or more hands. This engineering probably includes a lot of study and testing with 



Controllers have been changed over the years to better fit all sorts of gamers. Different consoles have different controller styles, like how Sony makes the PlayStation 4 controller smaller and easier to use than the Large Xbox controller.Every time a new console comes out, the company that created it will somewhat change the controller, even if it is just a slight, hardly noticeable change.



Infographic Of Major Consoles From 2000-2009

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Present Day Gaming (Tyler)

Have you ever watched an older person play a game like call of duty? if yes then you understand how funny it is to watch them pull up on the controller like its going to make them look up or something and/or pressing all the buttons at the same time and hoping for the best. When making a controller you have to take into hand how many analog sticks and how many buttons it has. You also have to take into hand how big the controller itself is. Some might be too big and some might be too small and they could also have issues like the analog sticks are too close together.

The Power Glove Feller!

The power glove was one of the most innovative gaming equipment ever created, too bad it was a terrible idea and a giant failure because of its inability to function properly. In the movie the wizard THE GLOVE WAS RAD but in reality it is bad, so bad. The power glove if you don't know, is a glove that you put on and wave your hand around and twitch your fingers to control the game play. Although the thing barely worked with any game causing it's downfall almost instantaneously.


          Challenges video games controller designers may have is hand size because not everyone will have the same hand size. Controller designers want their controller to appeal to as many people as possible so they have to make it a controller a good and comfortable size for all hand sizes. Hand size is also relevant  for where they place the buttons, designers will want all or most of the buttons in reach without having to move your hands from a fixed position. Now most controllers are similar and the reason for this may be that controller designers may have found the most optimal controller that appeals to every person who plays with a controller.

        I have a PS3 and Xbox 360 and I would have to say that my favorite controller is the Xbox 360 controller because it fits the best in my hand and I think the placement of the buttons and analog sticks are placed in a way the is comfortable and I can play for a long time having my hands stay comfortable the whole time.

Monday, September 22, 2014

The evolution of the controler(Tyler)

   controllers have come alone way from the to button controls of the 80s. now most modern controllers have an average of at least 2 sticks and 4 buttons. the shape has also come along way every handle device use to be a box with a wire coming out of the back. now they are wireless and are shaped to conform to your hand. now you can play for hours without the battery dieing or the stick breaking. controls are like cars they only get better.


I think the first thing company's think of is how comfortable the controller will be in the gamer's hands. the more comfortable   the controller the longer someone will play. the more someone plays the more games they will buy and play.  you could have a awesome system  but if the controller not comfortable no one will play.

Super Mario Bros A Change In Gaming Forever

Super Mario Bros was a innovative and the god of platformers that stood out above all. It's addictive qualities made a very stimulating game for young and adult minds worldwide. Even the music from the game still lingers in our heads, Super Mario Bros impacted the gaming community with grace and setup a whole library of Mario games for years to come. The one flaw with Super Mario Bros for me is that its very difficult. Especially for me growing up with more arcade first person shooters like COD, a platformer that doesn't give you unlimited continues was foreign to me. Although I can tell you that I wanted to keep playing until I won. After I got over that mentality, I rage quit like any other COD match. Although the appeal for Super Mario Bros is still there and will always still be the god of platformers.

Evolution of the Controller

when a game company designs a game controller, the first thing that this object must do is the obvious, which is control. But over the years, game companies have included a factor in these game controllers that wasn't there before. This factor is comfort. Compare the controller of the NES to the controllers to the more recent consoles. Notice how they fit nicely into your palm? Well, designers did this on purpose in order to give gamers the best experience they can get while playing a game.

Essay 2-Controls

Has a non-game playing friend or family member of yours ever examined you holding and manipulating a console controller, and concluded it to be as alien to them as piloting an aircraft?

For as nonsensical as their design might seem to be to an outside viewer there are very intentional and important choices to be made when console developers design their controller, consider these questions about how controllers are designed, and respond with your own insight on the subject.

What sort of challenges would the people designing a controller have to take into account?
How would they have decided how many buttons there are, what shape/color these buttons are, and where on the controller they are?

Over the years, how have different controllers from the same company changed? Notice how, functionally, modern controllers for different consoles are almost identical, why do you think this is?

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My thoughts on playing Super Mario Bros.

 My experience playing Super Mario Bros was awesome. I used the character Ike and dominated. Although some people say he is cheep, I have to disagree.  I disagree that Ike is not cheap to use because of his movement speed. He is very powerful, but his movement speed makes it more difficult to use that power and apply it in the game.  If I were to suggest a character that is cheap or stupidly powerful that it isn't fair, I would say it is Gandendorf. His power is much higher than anyone else, and his abilities allow him to move around and not worry about his slow movement speed.

What I like about this game, is the concept, and how you can see yourself do good. Everything in the game makes sense, nothing pops out and makes me question the reasoning of this game.

This game compared to the older Super Mario Bros is very similar. Both games looking at a side angle, both have Mario characters. The difference between the games is the concepts, but thats about it. They both are really good games in their times, and now.

My thoughts on super smash bros. (Tyler)

well it an old game for starts and u can tell obviously, but its fun and i can see how it is a cult classic. the controls are a little weird and clunky i had a hard time getting use to it. which is almost the complete opposite with super smash brawl which has great controls but not as fun i terms of game play.

super mario bros

The difference between super mario bro and super smash bro is the objective . In the super smash bro  you have to beat the other play of the platform and super bros you have to go thru  each level and defeat all the obstacles. they have the same pov. i like the classic super mario  bros better.

Super Mario Bros. Review

I found Super Mario Bros. kindof easy because I'm used to playing Mario's rage inducing double: Cat Mario. Cat Mario is essentially mario, but most of the obstscles are invisible and kill you at random moments. God I hate that game. I liked normal Super Mario Bros. though.

Super Mario Bros. Review

The Mario games always provide joy and fun for anyone playing. The Super Mario Bros. we played was fun to play even with the lack of graphics . I liked the fun factor of the game, but there is a lack of graphics but that is ok because it was made in 1985. Mario brings out you competitive side because you just want to keep playing until you win. Some similarities between Super Mario Bros and Smash Bros the both have the same point of view and both have a fun factors.

Review: Super Mario Bros.

The original Super Mario Bros. is decently fun, but nothing incredible. There are more pros than cons, so I'll list the latter. The largest flaws I found were minor control issues and some lack of variation between levels. There were certainly distinct differences between worlds, but they were mostly visual or irrelevant. Otherwise there were interesting enemies and fighting mechanics, and the game was overall entertaining.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Super Mario Bros.

I used to play Mario Kart 64 which was very addicting as a child. It really brought out the competitive side of me. I also played other games like street fight and donkey kong country. Mario kart was very similar to smash bros. because they had the same characters and alot of the same machanics.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYesvSAkPIA
My experience of Super Mario Bros. is that it is one of the best platformers out there. The controls are solid, and tight, to the point where if you make a mistake, it is ultimately your fault. However, most newer platformers seem to forget this. An example would be Sonic '06, as among it's many glitches and flaws, it has terrible handling and controlling. The video down below will show how badly the controlling in Sonic 06 is.

Super mario bros.

On Friday we played super Mario bros. this is a good game to play because it is still going even though its so many years from the original. the game has changed so much since the original. Video games as a whole have changed a lot in the past 10 years then they had in the 30 before that. with all this new technology its good to go back to the beginning just to remember what we used to have.

Super Mario Bros.

Friday we played  Super Mario Bros. the first of the uber popular Super Mario Bros. series

Briefly describe your experience playing the game and what you thought of it. Tell me what you liked about it as well as any the problems you had with it.  Compare and contrast it to a contemporary game, taking into consideration that it was made in 1985.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

My First Video Game

The first video game that I thought was really cool was Modern Warfare 2 I remember going to friends houses in 6th grade in we would play 1v1 matches on Rust and even though I sucked so bad at the game I still felt like a badass playing it after school. Those are my earliest memories of video games . S/O to the man himself Greg Roberge for supplying these sick clips

my most influential game of my childhood (Tyler mansfield)

probably the most important game of my childhood would be Star Wars Battlefront it was the first shooter that i ever played. playing as a Jedi and killing Sith lords was amazing for me.

The game that defines my child hood is Naruto ultimate ninja 3, I played it so much as a kid
The first video game that really impacted my childhood, and I played every second of everyday was Donkey Kong for the Nintendo 64. Me, my brother, and my sister all played this game as we could. Sometimes we would fight over who got to play first. The story of that game was so good, except the second to last boss which none of us could beat. It was just too hard, too much for us. The best part of the game was totally the theme song. It was my JAM when I was a little kid.

childhood video game

One of the first games I really got into is super mario 64. I used to play this with my cousins when ever he came over.

Most Influential Game


Welcome to the blog.. First question

What was the most important game of your childhood?
Maybe it was your first video game, maybe it was the first game you really got into. You tell me in less than a paragraph and include a youtube video.

I remember a game that stood out the most in my child hood, was a game named Castlevania. I remember the music the most, as it's extremely catchy and memorable.