Monday, October 28, 2013

The six special zombies in left 4 dead 2 change the ways you can play the game. You have to stay away from dark rooms because of hidden boomers and spitters. Rooftops have smokers on them that will drag you. Although the game isn't meant to be stealthy one can play like that. You can play with a strategy like having a "tank" a guy with a shotgun up front. A guy in the back with an AR shooting the zombies on rooftops. You can have a guy with a melee weapon in the back to fight off the hoard while moving throughout the map. This strategy has worked in many cases. Shotguns are super efficient in the game and can do collateral damage taking out the hoards easier. Melee weapons are very good in situations when you are getting surrounded because you can hit or pushback with it or you can spam the click button and cut heads off.

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