Monday, October 28, 2013

Left 4 Dead 2

Well since each zombie has its own attack, you're either being attacked by it or you shot at it. There is no certain way to confront each one, mostly just to dodge the attack. A good strategy is to have a tank person up front, some in the back and another guy watching the roof tops and go get gas cans. And the group should never leave the group and they should all stay together. If one guy leaves the group, then the whole group may die and they will all blame that guy. So its always best to stay with group, go slow through hordes, gather any ammo and weapons and never leave any one behind. If you don't follow any of these, you might not get very far. Also, Don't Ever Shot Or Disturb The Witch!. She is very mean and evil and will kill you in 1 shot.

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