Friday, October 11, 2013

Super Smash Bros

In Super Smash Brothers the mental state of flow was present in that you need to stay focused in order to react to the amount of lag that happens after you press the buttons, your surroundings and to the enemy's that are present. Playing this game you do feel the sensation in the form of pride when you get the power ups, beat a level and even skip some levels. Games that give me a feeling of goodness inside are any multiplayer of a fps game. The rush of fast paced games are awesome and required more detailed quick thoughts. Activities that give me this feeling outside of gaming are playing sports and watching other people play the games I love.


  1. I feel that the mental state of mine was to be focused but not to focused because you may react to early or something like that.

  2. Go back to grammar school and learn how to spell. And if your not to focused then you might miss something or not react in time.