Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Let's Chat about Controllers.


Has a non-game playing friend or family member of yours ever examined you holding and manipulating a console controller, and concluded it to be as alien to them as piloting an aircraft?

For as nonsensical as their design might seem to be to an outside viewer there are very intentional and important choices to be made when console developers design their controller, consider these questions about how controllers are designed, and respond with your own insight on the subject.

What sort of challenges would the people designing a controller have to take into account? How would they have decided how many buttons there are, what shape/color these buttons are, and where on the controller they are?

Over the years, how have different controllers from the same company changed? Notice how, functionally, modern controllers for different consoles are almost identical, why do you think this is?

Monday, December 9, 2013


What I believe makes a good driving game, and the machines to actually make the game good need to be realistic. Too much in Driver, you could tell it was so unrealistic, just the ways the cars moved in the corners and the things that the could do were not all true. Knowing cars I knew for example some of the front wheel driver and four wheel drive cars that could not do some of this stuff. Also to make a game actually good, the game needs to have realistic driving turning and handling which this game highly lacked. A game that has all this is Dirt 2. In this game the driving controls and how the car handles changes from surface to surface, and it truly does take practice to be able to go as fast as needed to succeed.


Physics and Garrys Mod

Garry's Mod and Physics

One of my favorite games to play is Garry's Mod, Garry's Mod is a sandbox open world game.  You can play a multitude of different game types to enjoy.  One of the most interesting aspects of Garry's Mod is the physics engine, you can connect a variety of parts together to create massive contraptions from robots, to spaceships.  The game is not realistic, though it doesn't really matter in this case, because the game is so fun on its own.  The game allows you to do anything you want using a semi realistic physics engine.


   On Friday we played Driver San Francisco. I thought the game was alright the story in the campaign is much better and it flows really nice.  Good Physics in a game I would say is the Need For Speed Series and The Burnout Series. After we played Driver we went to Burnout Paradise and that game is more sharp and better for the controls. Burnout Paradise the game looks good for the time that it came out. Me personal Burnout Paradise has the better driving mechanics then driver. One thing that I didn't like is the controls in the driver game when you need to turn you need to tap the e brake to slow down. In Burnout Paradise you tap the break and you are drifting. So to me both of these games are good but the story in DRiver is great and the driving in burnout is great to.      

What makes for good physics in a game. The games we played the physics were awful. It seemed like on one of the games you were in 2x speed and if hit a jump you would either go super far or go five feet. In the other if you boosted you would spin out instantly and it would take 5 minutes to straighten out because of the god awful driving mechanics. If you are making a racing game why wouldn't you devote time to actually make somewhat good steering, acceleration and boosting. In need for speed shift they almost perfected these mechanics. They gave you limited boost you can use, you don't spin out when you accelerate, and the drving is good. The driving isn't too touchy and when you turn it isn't a sharp turn. They smoothed out frames when you turned so it doesn't look like trash because of the fps you play at. And the fps isnt locked on it. Most ea games they lock fov and fps at like 30 fps and 90 fov. The game can be changed pretty easily to fit best computer specs. So the game needs to have better mechanics and more realisitical engines so the physics don’t bug or arent just trash.


This game was extremely unresponsive. You had to start turning a good 5 seconds or so before you actually wanted to turn, and no matter how hard I mashed the O button to E-Brake, nothing happened. This game was generally very bad with mechanics. I feel in a game where you're driving cars, the handling should be a bit smoother, not jerky or twitchy. There is a big difference between this and Burnout. In Burnout the game mechanics where quite the opposite of Driver's. Instead of being slow and unresponsive, they were hyped up and unrealistic. An example of a game with good driving mechanics, would be Saints Row III. In games like SR3, the way the car handles differs depending on what car you're driving. Even the cars with the best handling aren't over hyped, and you can make sharp turns without using the handbrake. (It's a bit harder to do, but it is possible.) Sure in Saints Row 3 you can use additions like Nitrous and Knee Cappers, which are unrealistic, but as far as the cars by themselves, the mechanics are fairly on target. 

Car Game Physics

In my opinion, I enjoy the car racing games which stay close to actual physics, but also have a few modifications, such as speed boosts and jumps with big air. I honestly have never played other racing games besides Mario Kart so I have nothing to compare this game to. If I do compare this game to Mario Kart, I would stay loyal to Mario Kart for the most part. I enjoy the fact that you can use items and jump over other players, and that you can play several games with any car or in this case cart that you want. One part of the more realistic games such as Driver that I enjoy is the fact because it's so real, the idea that you can hit speeds exceeding 200 miles per hour added some comedic relief. Running into a wall going 300 miles per hour in the middle of a city was also quite humorous. Finally, people have to drive and follow common rules everyday, so why would I enjoy a game that again makes me follow those rules?My opinions may be swayed towards surrealism because of the fact that I grew up on more cartoonist games that bend the laws of physics.

Driver game vs. Other racing games

The game we played on Friday was an okay game. The physics were fine in the game but not so much the driving mechanics. The mechanics of the game was like driving in Gta 4. The car would spin out or do what you didn't want it to do and you tap someone and you would almost die and plus when were going very fast, it's hard to make the corners. All though, the physics were fine in the game. The people tend to move out of the way when you try and run over them but its good graphics for the time of the game. A better game is GT or Need For Speed. Those have good graphics and mechanics. Any racing game should start copying the way Gta 5 made there driving. Gta may be a sandbox like mission game but it has better racing/ driving mechanics then most racing games. Need for speed has improved over time but it has been a good game. The mechanics in a racing game should have good steering, unlike Gta 4 when you just barely turn and crash or spin out. Going fast should have good handling also. Gta 5 is a good inspiring mechanical game that the racing games should look into how Gta 5 made there driving. 

Fast Cars and Physics

A race is one of if not the simplest, purest acts of sport. On Friday we played Driver, an auto racing game, and had a tournament. Some of you liked the game, and some of you did not. Many of your opinions revolved around the Physics and mechanics of driving in the game. In your opinion, what makes for good physics in a game? What game has had the best physics that you have played, and how does it compare to Friday's game Driver. Consider what role realism plays in your opinion. Please write at least 200 words and include a relevant image with your answer.

Monday, December 2, 2013

The Walking Dead- Jacob Shaker

I believe that The Walking Dead Game is still a game, it is interactive and has a goal.  It is
not however the same as a game such as Minecraft or Call of Duty.  The Walking Dead Game is akin
to the old choose your own adventure stories, watching the story unfold until the key point in which you must make a decision.  The Walking Dead Game forces you to also participate in quick time events pressing certain buttons to survive.  While most of the game revolves around making important decisions for a group of survivors, there is no control over the actual ending of the game this "Illusion of choice" puts most of the edge off the game.  While knowing that you can effect the individual fate of survivors you can not affect the fate of your party.

The Walking Dead

 What do you think about The Walking Dead as a game? Does it even qualify as a game? Or is it a different kind of media altogether? What features decide if the Walking Dead is a game or something else from your perspective?

I thought there was too much dialogue and not enough game play. It technically qualifies as a game but in my opinion its not really a game with all the cut scenes and no free roam. To me its just a digital book of some kind with the very little fighting and all the talking. It would only be a game with some form of free roam and no or little cut scenes. I do not like cut scenes very much, even resident evil is pushing it with all the cut scenes. But resident evil makes up for it with somewhat of a free roam and being able to buy stuff and being able to accomplish something.

Walking Dead- Nic Beaulieu

In my opinion, The Walking Dead is a game. As a class, we defined a game as a type of interactive media that presents a goal or challenge to the player,(More or less). The walking dead meets these qualifications, but is definitely not like a traditional game. The fact that you are not only making linear choices. and watching a movie or video afterwords, but dictating combat, who lives and dies, and who you side with in fights and arguments. While in the long run these choices do not effect the end of the game, they do affect how you play through the game, which isn't quite just an illusion of choice.
The walking dead is a game. It is not a movie because of the interaction you can do between characters and the choices you make. I don't understand why someone would think of the game as something else, it makes no sense to me. Anything you can interact with and have some sort of movement and character control is a game. The walking dead has all of theses details. The game has movement,control,choices,interaction. The problem with the game is they focus too much on story line and cut scenes which has potential to seem more like a movie.

The Walking Dead

I think this game was brain inducing enough to overlook the poor graphics and screenplay. This game intertwined emotions and cause and effect, which made you feel good or bad about decisions you made throughout the game. This relates back to Csiksgentmihalyi's flow, having a balance of all the great aspects of a game. I believe that it does qualify as a game because of its need for human interaction. This alone makes the experience a "gaming" experience. A game also needs someone to try and fail, which this game also allows. I do think that this is a whole different kind of game than the ones commonly played now. This game requires the ability to make a decision and live with the consequences , while most games are mindless playing with the same out come, only with different levels of difficulty. The fact that this has parts of action, quick thinking, and you have to make decisions that affect the outcome of the game, this is constituted as a game.

Walking Dead Game

The walking was a ok game at the time . It was made for the book and its clear that it goes with the book. It does qualify as a game. This game isn't like others, it's not fully controlled by you. Theirs no free roam, and its a choosing game. There are parts in the game were you have to choose who to save or who to give food to and if you want to go with these other people or not. But sometimes if you say no to something, later in the game you have to do with no choice. It's a multiple choice game but its still a game like others with no multiplayer. Just a long story that has many paths to go on.

The Walking Dead

Personally i think the Walking Dead game is interesting from the choices you have to make about life or death.But i think the graphics could be better because the world we live in we have higher standards for the game. Yes, i think the Walking Dead game can be qualified as a game because you are playing the game and making choices. But the game could also be seen as a different media altogether. Some features that make the walking dead game a game is that the player is actually playing and not just watching, the player is being interactive. But the game can also not be seen as a game because all the player does is make a discussion of your future.

The Walking Dead

I myself love this series of the walking dead. This was my second time playing the game and I will admit that playing the game for the first time is much better than the second. On the first time playing you feel like your designs really matter. Your decisions do matter for characters and such but as you go on, you realize that in the end, your choices don't really matter, the end will happen you may just have a different road you have taken. I think it does classify as a game but it is more of a comic in a game with choices. I view it as pretty much the comic but in game form so I really don't know whether it is a game or not. The style of the game makes it like this, the graphics and all you would expect to be in a game, aren't really there. The style of game makes it feel like a comic because of the still choices, not so much a game.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead was far different from anything else I've played. I didn't like or dislike the game as a whole, but rather liked certain parts and disliked others. I really enjoyed the puzzle aspect of the game, where you had to find different clues and objects in order to progress, as well as the ability to chose who you can save and how that "effects" the game. Compared to other zombie/Infected games, this was really unexpected and was rather interesting to see. As far as the game goes, you don't have much control over the game itself, but you do appear to have a choice of the story. What you say, what you do, who you save, who you kill. 

This game was very slow. It was often hard to focus on, simply because there wasn't always much going on. It was more like a movie then a video game for me. It is a game in the sense that it is interactive and you can operate a character, and make choices, kill enemies and have an objective. Although as I watched the game being played rather then playing it myself, it was more like watching a show or a movie. I was interested in the story, and did want to see what happened to the people, and how they made out, but I didn't feel like I would have when I played a game. 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Walking Dead

The game the Walking dead is definitely a game but its more watching than playing. It engages the player to make quick decisions and it makes you act quickly, especially when you are being attacked but a zombie and you have to attack it. Also then decisions you make carry with you throughout the entire game. The main reason it is a game is because you get to choose your path and choose the ending you want, granted it is a mystery the first time around. During your quest through the zombie filled towns you begin to make friendships and bonds with people who might help or hurt at the end. This is a good driver at why this is a game and should make it more interesting to play altogether. A cool feature about the Walking Dead is that the servers track who picks what making it so you can compare what you have selected during the prompts compared to other players, helping Telltale make the game better.