Friday, October 4, 2013

Asymmetrical Multiplayer and you -Jacob Shaker

Asymmetrical Multiplayer and You - Jacob Shaker

Asymmetrical Multiplayer is a game in which many players face one "boss" like opponent played by another player.  Asymmetrical Gameplay has always been a part of gaming, one of the earliest examples being Dungeons and Dragons. D&D pits a "party" of heroes against the world controlled by the Gamemaster, the Gamemaster controls everything other than the heroes, they are vastly more powerful than the average player and is the groups goal to overcome the Gamemaster's challenges.  Luigi's Mansion is similar to this style of play, one player controls the ghost who is invisible and hunting the other players, the other players in contrast are vulnerable to the ghost and are armed with a flashlight with a frighteningly small battery life. The ghost attempts to catch the other players as the players are trying to shine their lights on the ghost. This type of gameplay allows an vast amount of possibilities for new and exciting games.

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