Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Indie Game the Movie

       Indie Game the Movie, helped to give a good perspective on how complicated it is to make a game, and to be a game developer. If you think about how long it took to make the game Fez (About 6 years) imagine how long it would take to make a game like Skyrim (About 3.5 years) or Halo 3 (About 3 years). Now granted, it takes bigger companies like Bethesda or Bungie a shorter amount of time to make these games, because they have a lot more people working for them that are involved in developing. For example, Skyrim had a team of 90 developers working on it at a time, and Halo 3 had 120 developers. Much unlike the developers of Fez or Super Meat Boy, who only had a two person team each. Imagine if there had only been 2 people working on Skyrim, a game that already took about 3.5 years to develop? It would have taken a lot longer then 3.5 years for it to be developed. (Approximately 13 years if I did my math correctly)

       As for the content of the movie itself, getting to see parts of the process in being a game designer and a game developer was very interesting to me. These guys are dedicating their lives and sacrificing so much for a game, that may or may not bring them any income, or have any success at all. They are under so much pressure from the media and from people who have absolutely no idea how difficult their job is, and what their going through. They have to meet these deadlines in order to make an income, and if there is one game breaking glitch that can't be fixed within the time limit, then they could lose, a huge break. I can't exactly say that this is a life that I would want to live, but I do know what it is to be passionate about something and I respect them for that.





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