Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Indie Gaming The Movie

I liked the movie because of all the lessons learned throughout it. There were a few important lessons learned in the movie such as. You can accomplish anything that you set your mine to do, in the movie this is showed by them as in the two people who made Super Meat Boy and the one guy who made Fez. They only had one to two people to finish a project that will satisfy the public and the Microsoft users. Another lesson shown is all bad things must end, for instance in the movie the one guy who made Fez, when he was going to show the game to the public the game had so many glitches, and he thought that the guy would never sign the paper. But the one guy who made the game had someone speak to the other guy who contributed very little to the game and they reached an agreement to sign the paper.


  1. I am neutral because its hard to be an indie designer but big companies treat them like garbage.