Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Superman Saves The World

This Superman Game Superman tries to defeat Lex Luther. This Demonstrates Competency number 1 because I went back and used skills that we learned at the beginning of the quarter. None of the sprites used in the game were from scratch most were off the internet that I photoshopped and put in the game. This game was much more in depth than the first scratch game I made and the scripts were much more difficult to make. This shows an impact on society because everyone can see the game and leave comments on the game and in todays society more and more people and things become dependent on technology in their everyday life. Technology will only become more prevalent in the future as more work will be able to be done on computers, ipads, etc. I enjoyed learning how to make many of the games in Scratch, UDK, and Game Salad. I walk away from this class knowing much more about video games and the culture and controversy that surrounds them. Thanks for reading!

final project

For My final id made a 2 level maze in UDK. The fist level of the maze is inside then it wraps outside to a set of stairs to the the second level after you go thru the second maze you finish on the outside of the wall. Brawl Pack Attack a brain, an athlete, a princess, a basket case, or a criminal.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


This is my maze not corn tho
This is my maze

My Maze


This is the layout of my maze. It's not completely finished as of yet, but here is the rough draft. The one big feature i would like to point out is the hallway at the beginning, allowing you to kill yourself when you are in despair, or you just don't care to progress.


Monday, January 5, 2015

This is my maze from udk editor. Udk is hard to use at first but you can get a handle on it pretty quickly.

Wesley's UDK creation

It isn't officially a maze, but i did manage to make a terrain and add weapons in the time we had in class today.

codys maze

I would call my map amazing. a maze ing. It's bare bones, certainly. But essentially, it's a winding path, which will be full of items that need to be collected, with a final goal on the lowest platform you have to let yourself fall to.