Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Super Mario Bros.

     Friday we played Super Mario Bros online. It was a strange game, and I think it was kind of dumb. There were a lot of parts in it that you died for no reason at all. It was difficult to progress through the levels and by the time I managed to get to level 4, my time was up. I have played other Mario games, such as Mario Kart on the N64 and another one for the DS that were alright, but this version online just wasn't much fun and I found it to be rather irritating. As for the chart this game for me was a tie between apathy and boredom. It didn't give me anywhere near that perfect flow. A game that might give me this flow would be Resident Evil 5. It is a challenging game, but I've played through it at least 7 times, and I know a lot about how the game works. Resident Evil 5 is still a challenging game, but I feel comfortable playing it because, again, I have played it before. I'm used to the controls and the mechanics, and I know what to expect.

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