Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Reddit Then and Now- Jacob Shaker

The Internet has changed, things have become faster, better, sleeker.  Websites have improved, evolved, reformed.  Ten years ago the domain name www.Reddit.com was bought as a domain name, eight years ago it began as the Internet news source power house we know today.  Reddit allows users to input content, which other uses can judge giving it "upvotes" or "downvotes".  The best posts are brought up to stand before the masses on the "front page" the goal of all users. Reddit has over time developed more systems to connect and divide us over the divisible lines of the internet.

1. Upvoting/Downvoting- Reddit has allowed each user a vote in there content, pushing good to the forefront of their site and moving the bad to the depths.

2. Adds- Reddit has been mainly a fan run site with no adds in the beginning, over time they have enjoyed one prominently featured add that will display an "add" about half the time.

3.  Random SubReddit Button- Allowing you to delve even deeper into the mystery that is Reddit, find the darkest corners and improve the content.

4. Reddit Gold- A purchasable service that Reddit takes NO MONEY from, allowing them to give you better content, services and products.

5. Community- As Reddit increased in popularity, as did it's user base, improving it's content and filtration.

6. Help Bar- At the bottom of the page there is a bar with help full links to lead you to hard to find places.

Though Reddit has had no drastic changes, it's subtle evolution over time has improved it such that it can handle it's own rampant popularity and has even become self aware.

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