Monday, October 28, 2013

Left 4 Dead 2 - Brett Griffin

The special zombies usually have different ways of killing them but it tends to consist of people just shooting everything and everyone. When people see a they will probably keep backing up until its dead so it doesn't jump on them. The Smoker doesn't really have a technic for it, usually you just check tops of building or else it is harder to save your teammate when they hang them from buildings. The boomer usually is just run and shoot it far away from any teammates, one so it can’t spit on you, two so it doesn't explodes on you. The jockey is usually hard to find and kill before it jumps on you, just like the hunter it will hide behind corners to get you by surprise, if one does jump on you keep trying to walk to teammates or it will take you somewhere and kill you. The charger is usually going to be waiting close spaces to get multiple people or in doorways cause they know you have to go that way, survivors just try to hide behind objects to stop their charge and shoot them to death. People react to spitters the same way as boomers, stay out of spitter range so it can’t spit on you or the death pool spit doesn't get you either(it is bad to get stuck in).

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