Monday, October 28, 2013

Left 4 Dead 2

These special zombies encourage player to work with their team members and encourages them to stay near their teammates. Staying nearby to teammates can help when you get attacked, as they can heal you, or if there is a larger amount of zombies, they can help you with their extra fire power. The specialized zombies discourage individual excursions from the group, as it become extremely hard to survive by yourself, and it is vital to stay near others for their healing abilities. If I was the Spitter, I would be able to counter the group abilities and I would also force the player to fire from a distance, as I could spit at them from a distance. This would make it easier to kill off the players because they couldn't heal each other. Finally, my abilities would stun players for a small amount of time since the acid stays for a few seconds, which could be long enough for a player to die.

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