Friday, October 25, 2013

Left 4 Dead 2: Writing Assignment

 In Left 4 Dead 2 the player is tasked with fighting hordes and hordes of zombies, among them are several types of special zombies that attack the player in unique ways, they are as follows.

-The Hunter can leap long distances and pin a player down, attacking them until an ally frees them.

-The Smoker can constrict a player from long distances and drag them across the map, strangling them helplessly until an ally frees them.

-The Boomer can vomit and cover players it hits in bile, which obstructs their vision and calls a horde of lesser zombies to attack that player, they also affect nearby players with this bile when they die.

-The Jockey can leap onto a player and control their movements, attacking them and steering them away from their allies until an ally frees them.

-The Charger can charge through a group of players, grabbing one and knocking all others in it's path to the ground, they will then beat the player they grabbed until an ally frees them.

-The Spitter can spit a large puddle of acid from a distance, which does a large amount of damage to human players who stand in it.

Ignoring the other two 'boss' zombies, how does the behavior of these six special zombies encourage players to behave in certain ways? What do they discourage? What sort of strategies are specific special zombies the best suited to countering?

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