Monday, October 28, 2013

Left for Dead 2

Left for Dead is a team game that you have to rely on your teammates to save you in case of an emergency with the zombies you need them to help you beat the level. With the certain zombies for example say you have a hunting zombie coming at you, you always want to be moving and keep your distance from the zombie while shooting. So being strategic in each situation for each zombie will always help you beat the zombies and the level. The zombies encourage specific behaviors such as anxiety and stress because they have to react in a certain way like running faster and then have to be nervous when in battle. The zombies also encourage good behavior because some zombies will do little damage and they wont be close to you making it easier to move around and kill the zombies causing less stress and more fun. Some strategies would be to keep you distance from the zombies while killing them, also whenever you get a chance re-load and run to a new place to be safe for a couple seconds. You also might want to be moving a lot if you can but if you cant you always just want to move side to side while shooting the zombies these are some strategies you may use to win the gaem.

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