Monday, September 30, 2013

answer to questions

Playing against other people made me feel good because they knew just as much as I did. I feel like learning through playing is very difficult for me because I was too busy actually playing the game then watching all the details. I like that every one was noobs. I now know how to play it but I am still learning. I hate how there is so much to do and while you're doing that you get attacked by someone that is better than you are then you get defeated.


  1. When you and three other people are all thrown into a game that none of you have ever played before and are told to protect yourselves and destroy you're enemies, with little to no instruction, its going to be a bit challenging. But the plus side is none of you know what you're doing. You don't have to worry about other people attacking because, well, you're all trying to figure yourselves out. Although learning through playing is a challenge, its a good way to learn, especially in a game like Starcraft. You have to figure out what you're doing to defend yourself and to attack the enemy team, but if you have someone just telling you how to do it, you don't figure out your own ways, and you don't really play the game, someone is doing it for you.

  2. It all felt the same for almost everyone. We were all thrown to the wolves with little instruction on how to play. All we knew was how to build and destroy. These kind of experiences are what make playing blindly so much more fun.