Monday, September 23, 2013

Mega Man X gameplay

While playing Mega man X I found it really easy, in the tutorial level it taught you the object of the game. It also taught you how to move and kill and maneuver around objects picking up health boost so you don't die. While observing the design of Mega Man it was very simple and easy the background was easily seen all the objects of the game including enemies and your character and the vehicles they were fairly easy to see. In mega man I felt as if the game was easily understandable although tkeys you had to use were pretty spred out for one hand so I would have to get used to the feel of my hand while using the keys. I realized that at times when I jumped I could shoot making it much easier to play and less frustratinghe hold down the shoot button to shoot. This is what I feel is important to the mega man X theme and textures.


  1. I also thought the keys were oddly placed. I changed them to simpler configuration, and it worked. Maybe try that next time.

    1. Yeah I agree they were oddly placed and that I didn't know you could or how to change the keys. That would of been more helpful to me if I could change them.