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Index of Terms:

Bit- A bit is the basic unit of information in computers and digital communications. A bit only has 2 values of 0 and 1. The term bit is considered to be a condensed term for binary digit. - MO

Pixel- A Pixel (also known as pel or picture element) is the smallest controllable unit of a digital image. - MO

Game Mechanics - The background workings of games designed to make the game work. Usually refers to the rules in which games operate. In general, game mechanics have grown increasingly complex as the years have progressed. - MF

Narrative - The way in which a game tells its story. Some games take a very structured approach while other games allow the player to take reigns of the storytelling. - MF

Licensing - The process of paying another company in order to use their copyrighted material in their game. Popular examples include comic book characters and Disney movies. - MF

Digital Marketplace - A place to digitally purchase and receive games. The current largest PC one is Steam. - MF

Hacker- Someone who uses computers to steal data or important personal information, anonymous is one example. Also can be someone who makes customizations to electronics

Level-The term “level” is based from early rpg games, where levels were called dungeons. A level is specific or particular part of the game. The point of a level is a stage you need to pass in order to progress through the game.-NB

Level Design-Level design is the creation of stages, missions, and levels within a game. Level designers start out with sketches and level art, renderings, and physical models. Game development softwares or built in level design programs are used to create the levels.-NB

Side Scroller-  A side scroller is a game where the camera angle shows a side view of the level and character. You progress through the level, moving left to right to meet your objective. Platformers are the most popular use of side scrolling games.-NB

Lag- Lag is the noticeable delay between the players actions and the reaction of the server. Lag can be caused by lack of strength in connect to server. High paced games , like first person shooters are highly affected whereas, only player games such as Skyrim or Fallout are not affected.

Mod- A mod is a change to a game’s program code that either adds, takes away, or changes parts of the game to make it more interesting for the player. Some people use Mods to cheat, others use them just to enjoy different aspects of the game or make it more interesting. For example, the Misery Mod for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call Of Pripyat features changes to texture,
weapons, difficulty, sounds, music, etc. - EP

E.S.R.B- The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) has the job of rating games in America. They give a seal on cover of game depicting the recommended age group players. Foreign examples are the (Japanese) Computer Entertainment Rating Organization (CERO), the Australian Classification Board (ACB) and the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) MF and NH

R.P.G.- A Role Playing Game (RPG) traditionally refers to a game where you take control of a character in a fictional world. Modern use of the term carries the implication of high levels of customization and statistics and a prominent story. MF and NH

Pwnd- This word originated from World of Warcraft, where a misspelling of the word owned was spelled pwned, and means to have just been dominated, or thoroughly beaten. Nick Haidari
Glitch- A glitch is a malfunction in a game that causes unexpected things to happen. It is a technical problem with in a computer or a game that could make the things happen that shouldn’t have, something that wasn’t meant to happen. In video games this could be bad, good, or just funny. BG

Mobile Gaming-

Quick Time Events-  An interactive cutscene  where the player is prompted to push a series of buttons. These buttons must be pushed in a timed fashion before the player fails the sequence and must repeat the QTE.   E.L
Non-Linear Narrati

  • A device specially made for game play called a video game console. The player interacts with the game through a controller, a hand-held device with buttons and analog joysticks or pads. Video and sound are received by the gamer though a television. See also console game.

Troll- A person who decieves and betrays online teammates/enemies in an hilarious fashion.JMS

CO-OP- Short for “cooperative.” Involves playing cooperatively with other players without human opponents. JMS and MF

MMO Massive Multiplayer Online Game, large communities in massive games ussually with thousands if not millions of players online at once.  They generally have some sort of subsciption system. JMS

Motion detector- A motion detector is a device that detects movement, particularly people. A motion detector is a component of a system that automatically performs a task or alerts a user of motion in an area.  CP

Multiplayer- Multiplayer is a game mode that you can play co-op with other players online over a server. CP

Analog Control- when the controls of the game are determined by how hard you press on the joystick, or other buttons. NH

R.P.G.- Role Playing Game, This game is written where the player takes the part of an existing character in the game. NH

Designer- A person who designs levels and gameplay. MB
Artificial Intelligence- Artificial intelligence is used for NPCs behavior giving them movement,
robotics, and control.

HDMI - (High- Definition Multimedia Interface) is a cable that as audio/video interface thatw,White) to increase the level of quality and sound. - CT        

First person shooter - A video game that has a first person camera wicamera’s hand, along with other characters attacking you, that you must kill. Everyone wants to be a pro thats why 8 year olds get mad at people. - JG

Programmer-  Is a software engineer who develops the codebase for the game. -RS

Motion Capture - Actors were full body suits with dot all over their body and they are synced with a computer program so when the actors move their bodies the computer captures their movements and in the game the characters movement are the actors movements. CT     

Engine- a system that games are built upon. An engine contains the resources to build all of the game’s assets such as game mechanics, character models, and music. MB and MF

N00b- 1. Someone who, despite their experience, lacks the skill to compete in a certain game.
2. Someone who is new to a game.
3. Someone who acts immaturely, or whines a lot in a game. or a “sore loser”

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