Monday, September 30, 2013

My Experience with Starcraft

Playing Starcraft was a fun experience. I learned after my first match that my opponents made the mistake of not building enough workers. Already having some experience with RTS games, I adapted to the new game quickly. I slowly built up my units without attacking until I had a sizable army. Called "turtling," this proved to be an effective strategy for me.

My opponents weren't well equipped enough to deal with my army. In my first game, I stalemated with another experienced player. In the second, I learned to build my base better and won. Playing with an experienced player in my first game helped me learn.


  1. More and more workers keep building. Don't attack to early or your screwed. Also should of added something from the designer p.o.v

  2. But Mr Tod told me to talk about why multiplayer in StarCraft was fun?