Thursday, September 26, 2013

Game Debrief

Game Debrief

What was your game, describe it?
My game was called the defender. You play as a miniature gun defending yourself from the incoming villain. You must shoot to defend and if the villain hits its immediate game over.

What were the mechanics what were the aesthetics?
The mechanics of this game were to press the arrow keys to move and press the spacebar to shoot. The villain would bounce off the walls trying to get to you. The game looks like a first grader drew it but it looks better then the standard graphics.

What if any were the problems with your game?
Too short and too boring. Basic gameplay with a easy learning curve.

How would you make it better?
Make longer and more interesting with more than one level. Also would
make the sprites smaller for longer gameplay.

How did the audience Wednesday respond to your game?
Absolutely no one played because it looks boring and no one wants to play a boring game. Also they said that the game needed to be longer and a lot more interesting.

Who’s game besides your own was your favorite?
No ones because I was helping Matt fix his buggy mess of a game.

What did you like/ dislike about the Scratch program(list at least one like and one dislike.)?
I like how you can make basic games that don't take too long to make. I dislike the limitations of the programs, the size of the screen and the lack of coding.