Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Favorite Game

My favorite video game is Heavy Rain. Heavy Rain was developed by Quantic Leap and what they do is much different than what other developers do. Heavy Rain is an action adventure, interactive drama. In the game their are three main characters Ethan Mars, Scott Shelby and Madison Paige Norman Jayden. Norman Jayden is a FBI agent sent from Washington D.C. to help track down the Origami Killer. The Origami Killer only kills when they get heavy rain and he only attacks eight year old boys. Where they are they get rain in the town for days the game doesn’t go into much detail about the game. Scott Shelby is a private detective. Madison Paige is a Woman who has insomnia and she has vision of the future. Ethan Mars is a father trying to find his son after he as been kidnapped by the Origami Killer.The game has very strong story and that if you don’t find every clue in the game the story will change and affect the ending. Playing as Ethan Mars you find clues and you put the clues together yourself so it is very interactive. The controls of the games are very different then other games because they use a mechanic that when you get near a cough you can move to set on a cough for no reason. But you just don’t push a button to set down you see an icon pop and you make the motion with the controller. The visuals in the game are great when the characters talk you can see the form of the people mouths. The game as a nice pace to it its based on how fast you want to go. Action scenes are very intense. I would suggest people to play it because the ending of the game will probably be different to the player.          


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