Friday, September 6, 2013

Mega Man

   Before today, I had never heard of the game Mega Man. It is certainly different then what I am used to playing and I haven't played games like this since I was little and would play Namco games on my dad's Xbox. It was certainly a hard transition to go back to playing something like this after such a long time, especially from games I am used to playing. I really liked how in the first level they tried to give the game a 3 Dimensional effect by adding things that the character ran in front of and behind rather then just being a character on a flat background. It was really cool to see that incorporated into the game's design. The ability to jump up walls in order to get to higher places was also really cool, another thing that is different from games I play. Aside from Skyrim where you can pretty much ride a horse up a vertical wall, I haven't really seen that before in games and I thought it was a really cool feature to put in.

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