Thursday, September 26, 2013

Game Debrief
Nic Beaulieu

What was your game, describe it?
My game was “Dat Fro Doe” . My game consisted of avoiding chris roberge’s head that bounced around the screen, while collecting red balls. Name made by Nick Haidari

What were the mechanics what were the aesthetics?
My mechanics included jumping, running left and right across the screen, and bouncing off of chris’s afro to reach red balls that were high in the air. The aesthetics included standard clip art with a cartoon looking background, and use of mine and chris’s heads.

What if any were the problems with your game?
The major bug i found in game game is that if you were damaged but also touched chris’s afro you were lifted into the sky, and stayed there without the affect of my gravity variable.

How would you make it better?
I would try to fix a few of the smaller bugs. Maybe better controls.

How did the audience Wednesday respond to your game?
The audience liked my game, it had a lot of players. They liked the name and characters in my game, and was pretty easy to understand.

Who’s game besides your own was your favorite?
I liked Jacob shakers and Nick Haidari’s games.

What did you like/ dislike about the Scratch the program(list at least one like and one dislike.)?
I like the fact that Scratch is a basis to pretty much all programming we might have to do in the future.I also like that i was pretty easy to learn, and i feel like i have a better understanding about programming in general. I dislike the fact that you can't make as complicated a game as another software.

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