Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Thinking back into my childhood, my favorite game must have been The Legend of Zelda. A great mix of puzzles, gameplay, and a solid storyline, this game is an all around great game. This game has had many different spin offs from the original game, and Ocarina of Time was by far my favorite. Although now games have better graphics, and more options with controls, I still enjoy this game for not only its difficulty, but also its connection to the player. Throughout the series, the game has brought you close to its main character Link.
    Gameplay speaking, the controls are primitive, but for a N64, this 3D interactive game is very well done. I enjoy the puzzles in each temple, and the integration of each new piece of equipment in each temple. Each task takes skill and builds on past techniques, forcing you to make sure you know how to use each tool. I also like how the the game was thought up, with not too long of a main storyline, and with a good mix of sidequests. New games now have very long story lines, with so many side quests that you could play the side quests for almost longer than the actual game. Playing with the timeline of Hyrule, you must travel back and forth through time, all to save the kingdom. This is a strange concept that the developers aced, not leaving any detail out.The humor used in the game is subtle, and draws link to make decisions between girls, but cleverly never states who he likes more, leaving you to decide, as Link does not talk throughout the game. I enjoy this part of the game as it allows you to think about what your are hearing, and if you can use that later in the game. The script writers also make a play on it a couple times, which is sly, as the player forgets about it sometimes.
    A point that really draws me to this game, above most new and a large amount of old games, is that there is no one way to complete a task. Many games now have the tasks highlighted or you are simply told what to do. This game forces you to process and think about what you need to do next, a concept most games now do not do. All in all, this game is a well integrated gameplay and puzzle game, with a heartfelt plot, and a quality game to always try to beat again over the summer.

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