Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My Favorite Video Game

My favorite video game would be garry's mod because it has a lot of fun game modes like sandbox, TTT, deathrun and lots more. It has many features like being able to download addons and ragdoll posing and building items on sandbox. In sandbox you can use tools to weld, bind, rope, thrusters, and a lot more to make a item or ragdoll do something. In deathrun, you can either be a runner or a death and if you're a runner then you run around a map and dodge objects and hope the death doesn't kill you. In TTT, (Trouble In Terrorist Town) There are a bunch of terrorist and a few are innocent and a few are traitors and 1 or 2 are detectives. The traitors have to kill the innocents and they win and same for the innocents. Each game of TTT takes a few minutes, usually 10 minutes. There are lots more to gmod but those are the ones that are my favorite.


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