Thursday, September 26, 2013

Game Debrief

Game Debrief

What was your game, describe it?

-In my game you were a dragon, and you had to shoot fire at the fairy princesses before they turned you into a butterfly.

What were the mechanics what were the aesthetics?

-My game was similar to space invaders, moving side to side with arrow keys and space bar to shoot a target before it hit you.

What if any were the problems with your game?

-There was only one princess to kill, and the rest of them wouldn't work.

How would you make it better?

-Make more princess to kill so that the game was a little more challenging, and went on longer.

How did the audience Wednesday respond to your game?

- "That's it?"

Who’s game besides your own was your favorite?

-I didn't really see what other games there were.

What did you like/ dislike about the Scratch the program(list at least one like and one dislike.)?

-It was fairly simple to learn how to use, but it was so simple that it was confusing, and kind of annoying.

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  1. Should have experienced more games if yours was to short would have been more fun.