Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Garrys Mod and Half Life 2

My favorite game  is garrys mod or in general half life 2. Garrys mod requires half life 2 textures, it has sprites from half life 2. If there was no half life 2 there would be no garrys mod. In simple terms garrys mod is an open sandbox game with a variety of other game modes such as deathrun, trouble in terrorist town, dark roleplay. Sandbox is one of my favorite game modes. If you are creative you can build an airplane out of boxes. Deathrun is probably the second most game mode I play. Deathrun is a set map where runners have to run to the end without dying. People that spawn as deaths have to kill the runners. On the video game awards 2013 half life 2 won game of the century which in my opinion deserved it. Half life 2 started something great in the video game world and games can only get better and better.

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