Thursday, September 26, 2013

My Scratch Video game Questions

Game Debrief

What was your game, describe it?
My game is the space invaders, its about a space ship shooting at an enemy flying at it. If you kill the enemy you win the game but if that enemy hits you its game over.

What were the mechanics what were the aesthetics?

Some mechanics I used were that if you hit the left arrow you move to the left, if you hit the right arrow you move right. If you hit the space bar you shoot the enemy. I made it that the game controls were easily understandable.

What if any were the problems with your game?
There were no bugs or anything with my game that I'm aware of I tested the game about 50 times by myself and it worked perfectly fine when I was playing it.

How would you make it better?
I would make it better by having more enemys fly at you to try and kill you. I would also make it better by putting sound in the game so when ever the space ship shoots it will make a sound. I could also make it so you want to dodge and kill the enemy instead of just moving left and right you can move up and down.

How did the audience Wednesday respond to your game?
The audience on Wednesday didn't respond to my game because they were focused on the Maze Game, the Mario game and the others. I had my game up for a little bit and no one came I tried talking to people to see if they would play it but no one did, so that's how they responded to my game.

Who’s game besides your own was your favorite?
My favorite game is Matts game. I like it because it makes you think and if you choose the wrong option you loose a skill point making it a 50/50 chance at getting the questions right or wrong. I like when I have to actually think about what I'm doing in the games not just go and already know what to do.

What did you like/ dislike about the Scratch program, list at least one like and one dislike?
What I dislike about Scratch is that the screen is to dim and small. It was difficult to see the game all that well. One like I have about scratch is that it was a fun and easy way to make a Video game. It was a fun experiences to play with controls and make a working game.

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