Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Resident Evil 5

     Resident Evil 5 is a challenging, slow paced, third person perspective game, that mixes action, shooter type game, with challenging puzzles. At the start of the game you play as Chris Redfield, and you are accompanied by his partner Sheva Alomar, whom you can play as once you play through the game the first time. This game features an inventory system, which can be accessed in between levels, where you can change weapons, upgrade weapons etc. Once a weapon is fully upgraded, and if you have enough points to do so, you can purchase infinite ammo for that gun which when playing the game through again makes it all the more interesting.
     Aside from other games, that have a flat and similar difficulty throughout the game and random tough tidbits thrown in, Resident Evil 5 gets progressively, and steadily harder the further you get in the game. The main villain Albert Wesker is a super human, and has the ability to run at extremely high speeds, teleport, and dodge bullets. By the end of the game you end up having to fight him at least 4 times. Each time more complicated than the last. Aside from Wesker, there are the infected, Zombie- Like enemies who are people that were infected by the C-Virus, which is a mass produced bio-weapon that Wesker planned on spreading over the world, and infecting the entire population in order to get rid of those who were “unworthy.” Only those whose bodies accepted the virus, and became like him would be worthy, everyone else would become a mindless flesh eating zombie.

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