Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Walking Dead

  On Friday we started to play the walking dead made by telltale. Me personally that game doesn't interest me because it is not very interesting to me and I don't watch the show either because it doesn't appeal to me. The games graphics to me should be better and more better because the world that we live in the visual can be much better. Plus it looks like the same engine as in borderlands series. The choices in the game are good because it alters the game. Do I think The Walking Dead as a game no I do not it more of a interactive movie. Their are parts in the game that you move Lee but all you do is make decision and change the story on what you do. Now that part is cool, the part in episode 2 where you can either chop the leg off or you change leave the guy in the bear trap to die is pretty cool. I think if the game creators went out of their element and add a much better motion capture system then the game will be much better. This interactive movie is a story based game. I think if they had some really cool 3rd person action game play fighting a lot of zombie would be good. Think The Walking Dead and put it to The Last of Us thats a discussion we should have. Both game as heavy story and The Last of Us is a very good game and has a lot of good action game play and you don't get bored. To me The Walking Dead should not be consider as a game but as a interative movie. The Last of Us was much better.      

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