Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dark Meadow - Brett Griffin

Dark Meadow was not a horror game, it was weird but not scary. The creepiest part about the game was the ghost girl that came out of nowhere. The only thing it did to make a frightening atmosphere was the old destroyed hospital filled with monsters and a ghost. It did not do well in its combat system or story, when you first begin the guy tells you to grab any weapons you find cause you will need them, but you never find anything your guy just happens to carry a sword and crossbow in his pockets.
It could have made jump scares happen from time to time. The game could have been scarier with better scary music. If it had an actual story and made sense. If it had a  improved combat system. I would dodge but it wouldn't count until the animation was complete so I would still get hit. The setting could have been better too.

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