Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dark Meadow-Nic Beaulieu

To me, Dark meadow wasn't a horror game at all. Although it appears promising at first, with a creepy atmosphere, a strange ghost woman, and a mysterious wheelchair guy, who says that you're trapped in the building, Dark meadow was a big let down. The 'click to move' mechanics take away from the horror game feel right away, and the monsters aren't very scary because they jump up from the ground quite a distance from the player, giving them time to pull out a random crossbow and sword. It might be scarier if it wasn't as easily predictable, and could try to incorporate more 'jump scare' type scenes. The scenery itself was fairly good, its a dark, old, cabin type building. Overall, the developers of Dark Meadow had a good shot in horror genre but failed in doing so with the mechanics of the game.

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