Friday, November 15, 2013

Call of Duty Flow

A game that fits the flow chart in this case is a series is Call of Duty. These game require you to have constant alertness of all of your surroundings and sometimes you become curious and lose that focus. And of course this is not even close to every day life because you get to shoot a gun. How many time do you get to shoot a gun and respawn just to shoot it again? These games obviously have a clear objective as it is clearly spelled out for you when you spawn in. The controls and how the game plays make these games playable for hours on end never getting to  boring. The games in this series enable you to take your frustrations out on imaginary people through the form of shooting them, just do not take the game into real life. Thats how Call of Duty produces the flow that is so much desired by many companies and is one of the reasons it sells year after year, even if its crap. 

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