Monday, November 18, 2013

Attack on Titan: The LAN Connection -Jacob Shaker

Attack on Titan: The LAN Connection -Jacob Shaker

I found that playing with many other people over LAN helped me play better, I felt much more competitive playing with other students, trying to die the least and kill the most titans.  I also found that most of the people who were proactive and helpful in the classroom were the most productive and helpful ingame.  The Attack on Titan day we had allowed us to have a good group experience and to work together.

One of the most interesting things that happened was when we took the forest challenge.  The forest challenge is a system where you must survive twenty waves of titans with no respawns.  There were about eight of us actively attempting to take down titans, while many others simply durdled in the tree line, staying safe but not benefiting the group, nor accruing points.

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