Wednesday, November 13, 2013

TF2 Flow

  • Completely involved, focused, concentrating -  7/10 - In TF2 it really depends on the server. If your on a fun server, your focused on winning and having fun, but if your on a bad server, you might rage and focused on getting out of spawn so you are focused in different ways.

  • Sense of ecstasy - 5/10 -When you get the weapon you want you may become happy or you may feel good after getting a 10+ kill streak or killing your nemesis. 

  • Great inner clarity - 7/10 -TF2 tells you in game on what to do and were to go and how its gong but one thing it don't is when you join, it takes like 1 - 2 minuets to figure out if your attacking or defending. 

  • Knowing the activity is doable - 7/10 -TF2 requires a good skill of defeating a hacker or over powered team.

  • Sense of serenity - 6/10 - In TF2, you dont seem to worry a lot. You just play the objective and have fun 

  • Timeliness - 5/10 - Again, depends on the serer your on. Hacked server with hackers, you seem to be board and mad and it feels slow but a good server, it flows well.

  • Intrinsic motivation - 7/10 - Having flow in TF2 can give you hats, weapons, and other. Games can feel fun and fast.

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